MusicNguyen Ha Released “Cho Ngay Loi Hua No Hoa” Promising a Happy Ending to “Miss Hong” in Mat Biec?

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Nguyên Hà, a young talented vocalist of Vpop, has performed all Quoc Bao’s musical palette with her angelic voice. Perhaps, because of that, she is also referred to as the“Muse” of Quoc Bao – a Vietnamese musical virtuoso. It’s joked that Nguyên Hà is an“unknown but familiar” singer in Vpop.

People find that the name, Nguyên Hà, sounds familiar to them because it acquired the reputation for a series of massive hits such as Có Hẹn Với Tháng 5” and “Trời Sáng Rồi, Ta Ngủ Đi Thôi”.

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On the other hand, Even though some of her cult followings can sing along with the songs, they are far from knowing her appearance because she has never appeared herself in her Vpop music videos.

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cho ngay loi hua no hoa vpop


That peculiarity became a part of her signature. Whenever listening to that beautiful and charming voice, people can picture to a youthful and innocent girl sauntering amid an extensive meadow, chilling with winds and clouds and singing of life and love. On Valentine’s Day of this year, Nguyên Hà officially released a new spiritual child as a rewarding gift to all her beloved audiences named “Chờ Ngày Lời Hứa Nở Hoa”. It is a remarkable collaboration of a renown composer Hồ Tiến Đạt and Nguyên Hà. As well as two previous hits “Xin Lỗi” and “ Nhắm Mắt Thấy Mùa Hè”.

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The song with a tormenting melody will take some of us to walk down memory lane. As if the track was written for those who have been through a tough time of love. It touches even more for those who used to mislay their most beloved. There is nothing but a deep regret when reminiscing old promises which will never and ever be fulfilled. How bitter the lyric is telling:

Lời hứa năm xưa như cánh hoa rơi trong chiều vỡ đôi

Old promise like falling petals rending the afternoon

Tìm nhau giữa nơi thênh thang nỗi vô vọng

Search for each other up the creek of desperation

Chờ lời hứa nở hoa mắt ướt nhòa

Till our promise in full blossom, my tears won’t dry

The MV is an indispensable piece in the resounding success of the song. Currently, this song has reached over 3.6 million views and 70 thousand likes on YouTube. Particularly, there is a sole character in the MV stared by Thảo Tâm, an actress in Mắt Biếc (Vietnamese film).

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cho ngay loi hua no hoa vpop mv


The content of “Chờ Ngày Lời Hứa Nở Hoa” sketched a simple life of a girl. Notwithstanding, she holds firmly a remembrance out of longing and hopes in desperation. The MV was filmed in Đà Lạt (City of flowers), which has an incredibly idyllic and intoxicate landscape. The most impressive scene is when the girl is sitting in front of the rail, looking in the middle of nowhere and awaiting the day for her beloved once again to return.

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Cho Ngay Loi Hua No Hoa:

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