MusicFemale Singer Nguyen Ha and Minh Min Release Their First Collab Product “Cuoi Tuan”

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Nguyên Hà has officially released the music video for “Cuối Tuần”, a song she co-wrote with musician Minh Min. This is a composition started in 2017 but has only recently been finalized and opened to the public.

Even though this is the first time the two artists have worked together, it appears that “Cuối Tuần” is only the beginning, as a project called “Nguyen Ha Hat Minh Min” is currently in the works and will be completed shortly.

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cuoi tuan nguyen ha minh min vpop mv

credit: “Cuối Tuần” MV

When the poster to promote “Cuối Tuần” was released a few days ago, the product impressed the audience with its design, which resembled a love diary. This song, according to Nguyên Hà, is a journal entry about a beautiful young love that everyone would feel familiar with.

cuoi tuan nguyen ha mv

credit: “Cuối Tuần” MV

The audience can feel the youthful love of young people in the 2000s through the song’s MV, which depicts a simple and romantic dating story between the girl Mẫn Tiên and the boy Minh Hiếu.

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nguyen ha minh min cuoi tuan mv

credit: “Cuối Tuần” MV

In the MV, although their meeting was not until the weekend, the couple had meticulously prepared in the days leading up to it, including making drinks and purchasing seat cushions, etc. At first, the date had some troubles demonstrating the charm of young love which is uncomplicated and fairly passionate.

cuoi tuan nguyen ha minh min

credit: “Cuối Tuần” MV

It is clear that the song “Cuối Tuần” differs significantly from Nguyên Hà’s prior works. Putting aside her image as a female singer associated with tragic and narrative Ballads about the sorrow of love, she delivered her emotional singing to the audience’s heart this time with gentle, peaceful Pop tunes. The mix radiates a nostalgic mood while also making listeners feel at ease, thanks to the rustic sounds of the harmonica and ukulele.

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Cuoi Tuan:

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Nice cooperation! Its name show exactly what people thinking after a long work week kkk


This was a nice colaboration! I hope to see them doing it again in the future. Is this going to be on the new album or is this just a single? 


Beautiful music as always. What a collab! I hope they continue to collab going forward.