MusicSick of His Past Love, Isaac Finds Love With a Younger Innocent School Girl in “Toi Da Quen That Roi”

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The song “Tôi Đã Quên Thật Rồi” is a mild and catchy melody with the lyrics full of emotion performed by Isaac and the music composed by Nguyễn Phúc Thiên (brother of musician Only C). The song “Tôi Đã Quên Thật Rồi” was released on May 15th, 2018 on Isaac’s official YouTube channel.

The song “Tôi Đã Quên Thật Rồi” received the sympathy of listeners and the first Vpop MV that talks about age disparity. Two main characters in the music video “Tôi Đã Quên Thật Rồi” were performed by Isaac and Trần Hoàng Phương Lan (1998). The music video describes a love story of a heartbroken man after breaking up a wonderful relationship.

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He forced himself in a lonely world until he meets a schoolgirl on a train. Innocent, youthful and optimistic of her, she helped pull him back to happiness and dispel his loneliness. Generally, the age disparity in a love story rarely brings back a happy result. It’s exactly true as the ending of the music video “Tôi Đã Quên Thật Rồi”. His happiness will not last because this schoolgirl must go abroad to study. This is a huge regret for a beautiful relationship that the audiences can feel after watching the music video “Tôi Đã Quên Thật Rồi”.

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Source: VietNamNet

The MV “Tôi Đã Quên Thật Rồi” has been filmed at many different places in Taiwan by the crew Dream S of director Gin Trần.

This music video currently has over 35.5 million views on YouTube and 44 million listens on Zing Mp3. Let’s enjoy this wonderful song like other songs of Isaac such as “Giá Ngày Đầu Đừng Nói Thương Nhau”, “Đau Đầu”, “Get Down” and “Bước Chân Cổ Tích”.

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Toi Da Quen That Roi:

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