MusicNhat Phong Causes a Storm With “Thang Hau” Featuring Hot Female DJ Ny Saki

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The song “Thằng Hầu” is an attractive melody with the lyrics full of emotions performed by Nhật Phong and the music was composed by Đình Dũng. The music video “Thằng Hầu” was released on April 30th, 2019 on Nhật Phong Official’s YouTube Channel.

The music video “Thằng Hầu” describes the anguished love story of two people (played by Mạc Văn Khoa and Ny Saki). In the MV, Ny Saki is a beautiful and lovely lady.

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thang hau nhat phong mac van khoa ny saki mv

source: “Thằng Hầu” MV

She was born into a wealthy family. On the opposite side, Mạc Văn Khoa is a servant and he works for Ny Saki’s family. They have memorable moments together, and they gradually have sentiments with each other.

thang hau nhat phong mac van khoa ny saki vpop music

source: “Thằng Hầu” MV

They are happy in the amusement park, organizing a small birthday party with only two of them and gave each other simple presents full of sentiments.

thang hau nhat phong mac van khoa ny saki vpop mv

source: “Thằng Hầu” MV

Unfortunately, their relationship is separated by Ny Saki’s mother. Mạc Văn Khoa is forced to leave the girl due to his situation. Simultaneously, the girl is forced not to meet Mạc Văn Khoa. The audiences are sad and regret at the end of the music video “Thằng Hầu”. This is an incomplete love story. They cannot be next to each other because the condition of the family is not at the same level.

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thang hau nhat phong mac van khoa ny saki

source: “Thằng Hầu” MV

Due to the charming acting combined with the soothing melody, the music video “Thằng Hầu” attracted a sizable following.

thang hau nhat phong mac van khoa ny saki vpop

source: “Thằng Hầu” MV

The Vpop music video “Thằng Hầu” currently has over 37.3 million views on YouTube and 44.1 million listens on Zing MP3. Let’s enjoy this splendid song like other songs of Nhật Phong such as “Yêu Một Người Tổn Thương”, “Tướng Quân”, “Sợ Phải Kết Thúc” and “Cố Tỏ Ra Anh Ổn”.

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