MusicRewind: “Bao Tien Mot Mo Binh Yen” of 14 Casper At 22 Million Views After 2 Years

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The official MV “Bao Tiền Một Mớ Bình Yên” was released on December 23nd 2020. Up to the present time, this MV has reached over 22 million views and 131 thousand likes. Moreover, the MV’s achievements show no sign of cooling down.

Known as one of the Vietnamese pop prospect singers at the moment, 14 Casper and Bon receives much attention and support from fans. Sharing about “Bao Nhiêu Tiền Một Mớ Bình Yên”, Bon said that the song wastes a lot of his recording time because of the perfectionist personality of 14 Casper.

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For instance, in the first verse, it took the two of them more than 3 hours to get a perfect recording. However, thanks to those efforts, the song has touched the audience’s emotions and soul. The song belongs to the Pop Ballad genre. In this MV, we can see a girl who is working at a desk with many documents around, wearing a red dress with highlighted hair.

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Perhaps, she works under pressure, so her face is emotionless and she looks tired.

It mentions finding peace in our hearts in general, and the “muse” in this MV in particular. Moreover, 14 Casper and Bon want to convey an important message for women to love themselves. If we hope to find the love you seek, we need to find the love within ourselves.

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Self-love is to love the good side as well as the bad side of our soul. For this reason, we are ready to understand and sympathize with our lovers. Our lover is willing to love both sides of yourself tolerantly. Only when two souls fully come, we may love each other.

Bao Tien Mot Mo Binh Yen:

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I didn’t hear the song right away. I actually only just heard it for the first time nearing the end of 2021 but I have loved it since. I bet she will only continue to gain more views!


Big congrats!! 
I know this has to be a huge milestone for her and she deserves it big time. Beautiful and talented!


That is 11 million per year, that is INSANE!!!
I bet she is so proud of this song. I know I would be. You have to be talented to reach this many views in only a few years.


I feel like 2020 and 2021 have been a blur. So much music, trends, and everything have come and gone that I don’t even realize it at this point! Congrats to her though!


Time really flies. It’s hard to believe 2 years has passed 


Congratulations to 14 Casper on this number of views! After two years, 22 million views is very impressive.