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MusicSanV Tells a One-Sided Love Story in “Thuong Thi Thuong La Thuong The Thoi”

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“Thương Thì Thương Là Thương Thế Thôi” is a composition of SanV. The song was launched seven months ago, however, it has widely been known since the reality show named Giọng Ải Giọng Ai premiered on June 28th, 2020.

SanV impressed the audience with his good-looking appearance and his unique vocals when performing live on stage of Giọng Ai Giọng Ai.

sanv thuong thi thuong la thuong the thoi vpop mv

Source: YouTube

The R&B song captures the catchy melodies and beautiful voice of SanV. The song is about the love that has yet to be confessed. He wants to come close to her to console her when she is hurt.

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thuong thi thuong la thuong the thoi sanv vpop

Source: YouTube

He wants to let her know that there will always be a guy who watches over her from a distance, cries for her but she has never realized. He wants to let her know that it’s not worth being sad because he will always be there for her.

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sanv thuong thi thuong la thuong the thoi mv

Source: YouTube

The MV’s script is creative when it represents the story told in the song. The guy always appears by her side but unnoticed by her. He silently follows her every step of the way, sees her sadness and tiredness but she doesn’t even know him. He just wishes one day she turns back and realizes there were always someone following her. The Vpop MV uses the dark tone, which makes it somehow mesmerizing.

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thuong thi thuong la thuong the thoi sanv

Source: YouTube

The song quickly went from 30 thousand views to 400 thousand views within a week and has no sign of cooling down. This marked his success and hopefully, he will release more songs in the future and receive more love from Vpop fans.

Some information about SanV:

Birthname: Võ Thanh Sang

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Date of Birth: 30/08/1997

Songs: Anh Đứng Đây Từ Chiều, Hoa Lê Tuyết

Achievement: Champion of the Duet Music Festival 2018

Thuong Thi Thuong La Thuong the Thoi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ct_8uX3Afrg

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