MusicAn Awesome New Song and Gorgeous Look From Saka Truong Tuyen in “Chang Trai Kho Tinh”

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If we have a crush on someone, it will be difficult to come next to them if they are a person who is grumpy and pays little attention to others. It’s exactly true as the name of the song “Chàng Trai Khó Tính” which was composed by Yan Nguyễn and the vocals performed by Saka Trương Tuyền.

This is a mild ballad song released on September 27th, 2019. The scenario of the Vpop MV was executed by singer Bằng Cường. Moreover, the MV of the song “Chàng Trai Khó Tính” was filmed in Đà Lạt with a professional film crew.

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saka chang trai kho tinh vpop


The song is the story that talks about a girl who crushes on a lovely and young gentleman. She does everything to take the attention from him such as dropping her phone or standing at a far place to watch over him.

saka truong tuyen chang trai kho tinh viet pop


Unfortunately, he doesn’t pay any attention to her and the reality is he knew everything that she did. He also was fully aware of the love that she has for him. One day, she went to his house and was shocked that her best friend was there. She prepared to leave but he explained everything that her best friend is actually his sister. Through a lot of difficulties, they can overcome this road bump in their relationship.

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saka truong tuyen vpop music


The song received the attention of the audiences because the character of the Vpop MV was performed by the famous MC and actor named Tim (1985). The song also has some valuable lessons such as “Người như anh đó thật sao quá khó, chẳng biết ý nuông chiều”–“Someone like him is so difficult, don’t know how to indulge” or  “Chỉ có anh thôi, nhưng lòng anh cứ mãi lạnh băng”- “Just only have you but why is your heart always cold”.

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chang trai kho tinh vietnam music


This music video currently has over one million views on youtube and 1.4 million listens on Zing MP3. Let’s enjoy this great Vpop song along with her other songs such as “Anh Cần Không”, “Đau Càng Dau” and “Điều Gì Sẽ Dến”.

Chang Trai Kho Tinh: 

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