MusicHa Nhi Forgets Her Past Lover and Moves Forward in “Chac Toi Phai Quen Nguoi Thoi”

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On the evening of July 17th, female singer Hà Nhi officially released her new ballad MV “Chắc Tôi Phải Quên Người Thôi” on YouTube after a long-time battling depression. This music product was composed by musician Triết Phạm reserved for Hà Nhi. This is a sad ballad that told about the lonely days of a girl after a breakup.

She experienced a love story that ended up in heartbreak. After her stint on Vietnam Idol 2015 where she ended up fourth place, Hà Nhi almost gave up on Vpop. Throughout the MV, Hà Nhi expresses the feelings of a lovelorn girl who is sad, lonely, and desperate because the happy love story she wanted so badly has gone and passed.

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She portrays a lonely girl in a room speculating about the life of her ex-lover. Does he have another girl by his side who cares about him and talks to him every night? Has he forgotten the beautiful dreams that he and Hà Nhi drew together? He did not know that she had waited and hoped to receive a message from him, but finally she still did not receive any messages from him even if it was just a simple text message.

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However, finally, the moment when Hà Nhi puts on lipstick and pulls the curtains to let the light into the room, she is reminded that she should stop dreaming about him and should not wait for a person like him anymore. She has no reason to keep him in her heart because he is always indifferent to her. The final image is that of her lying down and hugging a new unknown boy like a bright happy beginning after a period of suffering.

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With this MV, Hà Nhi did not choose a drama script or a large open space to film because Hà Nhi wanted images and lyrics packaged in a certain emotion. The room and the spaces were incorporated into the MV to clearly depict the loneliness, immersed in the nostalgia of past love that is difficult to escape.

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Hà Nhi said because the previous music products she showed all had vibrant colors, she decided to change it up in this sad love song “Chắc Tôi Phải Quên Người Thôi”. Hà Nhi had to make a lot of changes to match the mood and spirit of this song. Furthermore, in 2019, Hà Nhi wants to change her musical direction to ballad music which is why she released a song and music video like this.

Chac Toi Phai Quen Nguoi Thoi:


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