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MusicVietnamese Rapper HIEUTHUHAI and THETUMEYMTU Releases New Chill Rap Song “Oishi”

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On August 5th, HIEUTHUHAI immediately released the rap “Oishi” featuring THETUMEYMTU. Immediately after being broadcast, the song made the audience go crazy because of the extremely chill and catchy melody and the addictive deep voice of HIEUTHUHAI.

HIEUTHUHAI’s real name is Trần Minh Hiếu, born on February 25th, 1999. Recently, he appeared to participate in King of Rap, HIEUTHUHAI has become quite prominent by his handsome appearance, more impressive than many other contestants.

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oishi HIEUTHUHAI viet rapper

Source: baomoi.com

The most known song of HIEUTHUHAI is a collaboration with Manbo called “CUA” which has reached 8.6 million views and “CHƠI” reached 3.3 million views on YouTube. Also, this HIEUTHUHAI has its favorite products such as “Bật Nhạc Lên” (f.t Harmonie).

oishi HIEUTHUHAI viet rap

Source: nhaccuatoi.com

The songs of HIEUTHUHAI have a gentle and sweet melody, so they are easier to listen to and understand.

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Source: THETUMEYMTU’s soundcloud

With a great profile and good rapping skills, HIEUTHUHAI will surely become a big rap name in the game. Let’s wait and see what surprises this handsome Vietnamese rapper will bring in the future.

Oishi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdLZJ55bGCk

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