NewsNgoc Trinh Gets an Early Lavish Birthday Bash and Offers $1,500 Prize To Celebrate Reaching 5 Million Followers

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Ngọc Trinh is driving people crazy consecutively with a series of tremendously hot photos and a five-minute sexy dance video during her early birthday celebration taking all the spotlight among a cluster of celebrities. She will be turning 31 years old this year on September 27.

Ngọc Trinh has been very busy on social media and was seen in lingerie on a yacht during her trip to Tuan Chau Island in Hạ Long, Vietnam.

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ngoc trinh vpop 31st birthday

source: Ngoc Trinh’s Instagram

Besides, the cameraman also caught a myriad of glorious, magnificent moments of the party that has become the center of attention in the past few days due to a lavish, sophisticated level of the party scale itself.

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happy birthday ngoc trinh 2020

source: Ngoc Trinh’s Instagram

On September 15th, Vũ Khắc Tiệp, a renowned impresario in the Vietnamese showbiz traveled to Hạ Long Bay (a beautiful natural wonder in Northern Vietnam near the Chinese border) to film his next blog video.

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ngoc trinh birthday celebration

source: Ngoc Trinh’s Instagram

Also, at this breathtaking picturesque view of the landscape, Vũ Khắc Tiệp and his fellow members threw a luxurious early birthday for the “Queen of Lingerie”, Ngọc Trinh.

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Even though, the party was holding rather soon, until today Ngọc Trinh has just officially unveiled all the birthday pictures on her Instagram.

ngoc trinh birthday party celebration vpop

source: Ngoc Trinh’s Instagram

Recently, she held a game to give away $1,500 prize (~35 million VND) to her guests at an event celebrating her reaching five million Instagram followers. She recently reached five million followers along with her bestie and famous Vietnamese singer Chi Pu.

It is clear to see the party was planned meticulously earlier. Since not only Vũ Khắc Tiệp but many other celebrities were also present in those pictures such as Quỳnh Thư, Lê Hà, the designer Đỗ Long, and many other beautiful girls in the Vietnamese showbiz.

However, it should come to no surprise that Ngọc Trinh was the most stunning girl among those people. She completely captured all the spotlight thanks to her sweet, charming beauty and a sparkling baby pink side-lit dress.

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In particular, the dress exposed much of her upper body part and showcased all curves of our “Queen”. In many cases, Ngọc Trinh never fails to amaze people every time a new update post is shared on her social media page.

Ngoc Trinh’s Instagram:

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