NewsNgoc Trinh’s New Sexy Instagram Photos Gets a Witty Comment From Vietnamese Comedian Dieu Nhi

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Ngọc Trinh posted newly sexy bikini photos on Instagram, a witty comment of Diệu Nhi (a Vietnamese comedian) made the audiences split their sides of laughter.


Bỏ ngoài tai những lời tán tỉnh,em chỉ lên đỉnh với ng em yêu 🔥❤️ #ngoctrinh

♬ nhạc nền – Ngoc Trinh – Ngoc Trinh

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The Queen of Lingerie” has shown off her enticing photos displaying her flawless body on her Instagram without any status line.

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ngoc trinh and dieu nhi vpop


Immediately, Diệu Nhi, a close friend of Ngọc Trinh, left a witty comment as a joke to tease Ngọc Trinh: “Did somebody push you off the couch while you were sitting sis?” (Đang ngồi trên ghế bị ai xô té hả chị?).

For those who are not familiar, Diệu Nhi is one of the most sought-after comedians in Vietnam, and also is cherished most by an innate sense of humor.

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Nevertheless, Ngọc Trinh is also not less competitive, she instantaneously replied to Diệu Nhi by a good wordplay (Xuống ghế mới ra cái thế hơn).

ngoc trinh vietnamese idol

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This is not the first time the two main actresses made the audiences excited about their jokes and their sister-like friendship which is hard to find in a highly competitive world of showbiz.

ngoc trinh sexy instagram photo 3

source: Ngoc Trinh’s Instagram

They have known each other since 2018, yet, after the collaboration in the movie Vu Quy Đại Náo, their friendship became much closer than it ever was.

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ngoc trinh sexy instagram photo 2

source: Ngoc Trinh’s Instagram

Ngọc Trinh once shared that their personality was quite akin and felt unhesitating to confide everything together.

ngoc trinh sexy instagram photo

source: Ngoc Trinh’s Instagram

“I cherish Nhi so much, her character is quite like mine. She always takes good care of her family before herself,” – Ngọc Trinh

Ngoc Trinh’s Instagram:

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