NewsWho Wore It Better? Chi Pu, Ngoc Trinh and Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc Wearing Stylish Scarf as a Headband

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Not only ingeniously using a bathing towel as clothing but also Ngọc Trinh, Chi Pu, and other Vietnamese female artists utilized a scarf as a makeshift headband.

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In modern life, everything has been exceedingly developed out of traditional standards. Therefore, fashion, as one of the ever-evolving industries making their creativity based on available commodities.

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ngoc trinh fashion hairband 2

Source: Ngoc Trinh’s Instagram

With the inspiration from basic items such as a vignette scarf, Ngọc Trinh, a trendsetter possibly broke the old order and turned it into a true “top” and “hairband” in a style of a country girl.

ngoc trinh fashion idol scarf hairband

Source: Ngoc Trinh’s Instagram

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Besides, regarding the influence of Vietnamese female artists on Instagram, Ngọc Trinh and Chi Pu are one of the most sought-after trendsetters in the Vietnamese fashion industry.

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ngoc trinh fashion hairband

Source: Ngoc Trinh’s Instagram

Coincidentally, the two gorgeous girls similarly mixed their clothes: a patterned scarf with an off-shoulder top, which showed their sexy collarbones.

chi pu scarf vpop

Source: Chi Pu’s Instagram

If Ngọc Trinh looked like a muse in a fairy tale story shinning in a charming botanical garden, Chi Pu also appeared with an outlook as sexy and stunning as the Tailor (cô ba Sài Gòn) in the 90s.

ninh duong lan ngoc scarf lv

Source: Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc’s Instagram

Additionally, Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc, a versatile Vietnamese actress is irresistible thanks to her distinctive identity sense of fashion that is avant-garde, ladylike, and polished.

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Therefore, it should come to no surprise when she mixed a charming vignette scarf with a plain outfit together with a dear Luis Vuitton handbag that makes it hard for anyone to outdo her.

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