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If you’re looking for an amazing beach getaway, look no further than Con Son Island. This beautiful island is located in the Con Dao archipelago of Vietnam and is known for its stunning beaches and great diving opportunities. Con Son Island is a small island located east of Ba Gia Vung Tau province, Vietnam. It’s one of the many islands that make up the Con Dao archipelago, which is part of the larger Tien Sa archipelago.

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con son island

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photo: Tony Pham

This island is known for its beautiful beaches, interesting history and great diving opportunities. The island has a rich history that is evident in the many historical sites found throughout the island. These sites include ancient temples, prisons from the French colonial era and more.

The beaches on Con Son Island are some of the most beautiful in Vietnam. Clear water and soft sand make them perfect for swimming, sunbathing and enjoying the views. The island also offers great diving opportunities. With crystal clear water, diverse marine life and stunning coral reefs, Con Son Island is a paradise for divers.

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con dao

photo: Tony Pham

Diving is a popular activity on Con Son Island due to the many reefs and shipwrecks that can be found offshore. Experienced divers can explore these underwater sites, while beginners can take lessons and enjoy the shallower areas.

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There are also plenty of other things to do on Con Son Island. These include hiking in the hills, kayaking in the bay and exploring the villages.

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ba ria vung tau

photo: Ben

The island is also home to a few small restaurants and cafes, which offer a great opportunity to get to know the locals. There are also a few small shops where you can buy souvenirs and gifts.

Con Son Island is a beautiful and unique place that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for history, beaches, diving or simply a place to relax, Con Son Island is the perfect destination.

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I have never been here but I always see it being recommended as a tourist attraction.  I am going to have to eventually go. I would like to plan a 2 month trip and see everything I want in Vietnam so I have time to enjoy it all. 


Con Son Island is beautiful. I have wanted to go since learning about it. I have a friend online that goes every year since she visits family in Vietnam. She shares videos and pictures with me each year, Well for the last few years anyways. During COVID-19 in 2020 she got stuck in Vietnam because of the travel restrictions. 


I’ve heard that the Con Son Island is a great place to visit, but it’s also known for its lack of infrastructure. I’m wondering if there are any tours or activities that could be done without having to rely on a tour company?


What are those monkeys called? I remember seeing a video of a woman visiting the area and one of them was grabbing items out of her bag and then tried to lift up her skirt! These seem like a bunch of little furry trouble makers! haha


@homeg1rl I think you might have seen something from Vietnam’s macaque island. That monkey is a macaque and they are very playful, cheeky, but also quite greedy and mean if they want something. 


I wanted to add something to the conversation that’s been going on about Con Son Island.

Con Son is actually a really interesting place with a lot of history, but there’s one thing that keeps popping up in my mind: it’s kind of hard to get to. There’s no direct flight from Saigon to Con Son, and if you’re coming from somewhere else in Vietnam, it’s even worse. You have to go through Ho Chi Minh City first. So if you’re traveling from outside the country, getting there will take some serious planning.

But if you’re willing to make it work? You’ll be rewarded with some great sights and activities!

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