Ta Hien Street: Han...

Ta Hien Street: Hanoi's Neighborhood For Cheap Beer  

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Tucked away from the bustling streets of Hanoi sits Ta Hien, a street with unique energy and charm made for exploration. The area is known for one thing in particular: beer. Yes, that's right - this hidden gem is dubbed "Beer Street" among locals due to its wide selection of bars and pubs nestled amongst the historic buildings. Whatever you're looking for when it comes to nightlife, Ta Hien Beer Street has it all -…

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Ta Hien Street is a great place to drink cheap beer and it's also a great place to get lost. I went there once, and then I never found my way out.

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I can't say I ever had beer in Vietnam. I don't drink he stuff myself. Never cared for it but I can see why this would be a hidden gem and a cool spot for a lot of people!

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I love Hanoi, but I think that Ta Hien Street is the wrong place to go for cheap beer. The street is known for its cheap beer, but the reason it's so cheap is because it's not very good. If you're looking for an authentic Vietnamese experience, I'd suggest heading over to Bia Hoi Corner instead. It's on Ta Hien Street, but they serve something called Bia Hoi which is literally just a cup of beer with some ice in it! It's so refreshing and delicious, and it costs less than a dollar per cup!

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They have some amazing beer. I have actually been here, only once, but I want to go back. It was very crowded and loud so keep that in mind! I went later though, it is likely not as busier earlier in the evening. 

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Beer Street is a lot of fun! I have been through the area a few times and they have some amazing crafts there. I am not a big beer drinker and managed to find more than one I enjoyed which surprised me. 

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I'm more of a coffee drinker than a beer guy. I've had some great craft brews in Vietnam, but I just don't find myself craving them as much as my trusty cup of joe.


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