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MusicBich Phuong Continues Her Onslaught With “Mot Cu Lua” After Killing Music Charts With “Em Bo Hut Thuoc Chua”

Nhan2 years ago

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Gaining more success in “Em Bỏ Hút Thuốc Chưa” MV, Bích Phương continuous to launch “Một Cú Lừa”. The song is a composition of musician Bich Phuong and Tiên Cookie with a mix performed by DJ Slim V.

With the eye-catching melody and beautiful images, “Một Cú Lừa” has gained many positive comments from audiences.

bich phuong mot cu lua music video

Source: saostar.vn

At the end of May, Bích Phương released “Một Cú Lừa”. Now, it stands on the Top 3 trending in YouTube (Vietnam). This song is an electro-pop genre. Bich Phuong’s appearance in this MV collected a lot of praise. She is beautiful, sexy, and able to express the emotions of the song with her eyes.

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bich phuong mot cu lua vpop mv

Source: kenh14.vn

This MV has a contribution from a South Korean actor named Kim Ok and model Thiếu Lan. Indeed, Bich Phuong provided the right expectations for the fans when they vote for this song. Under the comment section of the MV, most comments admit that it is so catchy that they replayed it many times.

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bich phuong mot cu lua vpop music

Source: kenh14.vn

The MV’s content is the confession of a girl who put her heart and soul into a love story. However, she is betrayed by her boyfriend. She gave him her heart and he gave her betrayal in return.

bich phuong mot cu lua vpop artist

Source: xonefm.com

Although she realized he has a mistress, she says she will always care for him, even if they are not together and even if they are far, far away from each other. She wishes whatever happens to her, will never happen to him.

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bich phuong mot cu lua

Source: zingnews.vn

Also, many people believe that the male character in the clip is the guy named “traitimtrongvang” who texted with Bích Phương. But with what happened in “Một Cú Lừa”, surely the fans also understand why “traitimtrongvang” was blocked by Bich Phuong.

Mot Cu Lua: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVlYxmdbYqM

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