MusicVietnamese Rapper Phuc Du Releases “Dua Nao Lam Em Buon?” Featuring Hoang Dung

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Phúc Du and Hoàng Dũng, Vietnamese male vocalists, has recently released numerous songs promptly that have sparked a trend among the internet community. They just released a brand-new song called “Đứa Nào Làm Em Buồn”, especially in recent.

The song was written by musicians Tiên Cookie, Phạm Thanh Hà, and Phúc Du and is of the pop, rap, and hip-hop genres (favorite rapper from King of Rap show – Vietnamese Rap show). Drummer Si Fu Huỳnh of the Chillies band and music producer DuongK of 1989s also worked together to create the music mix for the new song. A lovely piano entrance plays over an emotional background as the song begins.

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The final choruses of the new song “Đứa Nào Làm Em Buồn” are driven up with the intensity of the rap part and then softened by Hoàng Dũng’s poetic lyrics. Since the crews are all professionals with formal development from music conservatories, the coordinating procedure for the production proceeded fairly smoothly. Will Quinnell, a music producer who has worked with R&B musicians Yuna and H.E.R., is the one mastering this new song by Hoàng Dũng and Phúc Du.

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Although the song became a massive hit attracting many listeners, it also caused a bit of controversy over its lyrics. Specifically, it is known that although the music follows modern trends, the excessive use of boldly natural words makes the song lose some of its impression.

Music is poetry, but in this day and age, specifically through this song, the audience could no longer find the poetry required in Vietnamese songs. The song “Đứa Nào Làm Em Buồn” was therefore controversial right from the title when it was just released.

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The MV “Ai Đúng Ai Sai” has now garnered more than 7.7M views and 158K thousand likes on YouTube and is available on Phúc Du’s YouTube Channel.

Dua Nao Lam Em Buon?:

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I like this song for Hoang Dung. I am not a fan of rap. While I can respect it as a music genre, it just never appealed to me at all. 


Does Phuc Du know any English? I feel like he could blow up if he was able to mix in English and gain more traction in the West. Rap is HUGE in the US, Canada, UK, etc. 


He’s got the look, the style, and flow. I think he is easily one of the best Vietnam rappers out right now. It is hard to believe he isn’t blowing up elsewhere in the world. Maybe he is? Love the song.


This is a great song! I feel like he is growing as an artist and will end up being one of the greats in the genre! Time will surely tell. I added it to a playlist. 


Phuc Du always releases such amazing work. I am not even a big rap fan but I love his music, especially the music videos. They are done so well!

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