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MusicBrittanya Karma Released “Tu Tin” to Bring Positive Energy to Girls Not Confident With Their Appearance

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On December 22nd, Brittanya Karma officially released the Vietnamese hip hop MV “Tự Tin” to cheer up the girls who do not have good looks and gifts to the fans who have always loved her.

Brittanya Karma is known as a Vietnamese-German female vlogger who has received a lot of love from the Vietnamese online community for her funny video clips. She isn’t fluent in Vietnamese which makes her voice very cute. Brittanya Karma also impressed the public with her unique appearance and big personality.

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Source: Vietnammoi.com

Not your typical slim waist idol, she garnered a series of thousands of likes for the photos she uploaded on social media. That’s because, with Brittanya Karma, appearance has never been a barrier.

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Source: alotintuc.com

Brittanya Karma is a personality who is always confident with her special appearance. She always transmits positive energy to people with inferiority complexes like her. Even in the rap song “Tự Tin” there are sentences ‘I’m not fat baby I skinny other type’ she also emphasized. Not just a funny rap song, Karma wants to convey the message to everyone: “Be confident with your appearance.”

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Source: youtube.com

With that spirit, she always knows how to please and make her life more fun and meaningful every day.

Source: nguoinoitieng.tv

At Saigoii Hip-hop Event 2020, Brittanya Karma to her first step from vlogger to hip hop artist, bringing an attractive performance on stage with the song “Tự Tin”. This was the first step in Brittanya Karma’s intention to develop music and entertainment in Vietnam.

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Tu Tin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O32JGW6emVo

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