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MusicChau Dang Khoa and Denis Dang Team up To Debut Sofia With “Nho Nguoi Hay Nho” Featuring Rapper Khoi

Quinn4 months ago

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After days after days keeping audiences in suspense, on January 25th, Châu Đăng Khoa, rapper Khói and one new female vocalist collectively launched the newest song named “Nhớ Người Hay Nhớ”.

The other singer, Sofia, is a member of Super Brothers – an entertainment agency and Châu Đăng Khoa is the one who officially suggested to introduce her through this project.

sofia nho nguoi hay nho vpop

source: Sofia Pham’s Facebook

Apart from Khói, Châu Đăng Khoa, and Sofia, Denis Đặng and Fung La who starred in the previous MV “Chân Ái” also contributed to producing the project.

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denis dang nho nguoi hay nho

source: “Nhớ Người Hay Nhớ” MV

“Nhớ Người Hay Nhớ” belongs to the Pop/R&B genre. With this beautiful kind of music created with the help of well-known pianist Jurriaan van Hoffen) Sofia seems to express her charismatic voice and emotions at the best. Besides, the rap performed by Khói is also assessed as one of the most intriguing parts of the whole music.

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sofia khoi denis dang nho nguoi hay nho vpop

source: “Nhớ Người Hay Nhớ” MV

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sofia pham chau dang khoa nho nguoi hay nho vpop

source: “Nhớ Người Hay Nhớ” MV

To describe that even more lively, Châu Đăng Khoa cleverly made the best use of the abundance of Vietnamese language to write complex lyrics such as “Nhớ người, hay nhớ ta? Nhớ, người hay nhớ ta, nhớ người! Nhớ người ta hay nhớ, người ta”. With only a few words used repeatedly, it makes the song irresistible to be played over and over again.

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sofia pham khoi chau dang khoa denis dang vpop music

source: Sofia Pham’s Facebook

It is known that MV “Nhớ Người Hay Nhớ” was produced by Lâm Tấn Huy – a young, prominent music director who stood behind a bundle of massive hits such as “Cảm Ơn”, “Lối Nhỏ” (Đen Vâu), “Xin” (Táo), “Chờ Đợi Có Đáng Sợ” (Andiez), etc.

Nho Nguoi Hay Nho: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDJgzJVVE2Y

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OMG this is such a good song. I honestly misjudged this and I love it. The rap has some heck of amazing verses and the beat is just one off a kind. 

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