MusicDuc Phuc and Lang LD Collab for “Xuan Nay Con Se Ve” for Tet 2021

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Đức Phúc officially released the newest song “Xuân Này Con Sẽ Về”. The song has rapidly sat on top 29 of YouTube Trending and top 10 Music Trending in only a few hours.

Besides, within 48 hours after the release, it garnered more than one million views on YouTube. It is proven that the spiritual message “mang Tết về nhà – bringing Lunar New Year vibe home” of Pepsi has made a great impact on the young people who are having to live away from home for toiling for a living.

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xuan nay con se ve duc phuc

source: “Xuân Này Con Sẽ Về” MV

Desiring a reunion with families is a story for everyone, especially on the Tet holiday. Whether they are still swamped up with dozens of work or finding it difficult to go back home due to the covid-19 pandemic, they are still willing to set all that aside and do not want to miss the last ticket to return home.

duc phuc xuan nay con se ve

source: “Xuân Này Con Sẽ Về” MV

The story inspired the idea of the song “Xuân Này Con Sẽ Về” – a song written by a prominent music composer – Huỳnh Hiền Năng. Apart from Đức Phúc, Lăng LD also appeared on the MV with a narrative rap part referring to thoughts and innermost feelings of a child to their parents on the day near the Lunar New Year.

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duc phuc xuan nay con se ve vpop mv

source: “Xuân Này Con Sẽ Về” MV

Next to the MV “Xuân Này Con Sẽ Về” of the project “mang Tết về nhà”, Pepsi and the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union decided to unanimously agree on accompanying the project to ensure the safety and health insurance for 3000 people including children, students, and workers.

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duc phuc xuan nay con se ve music

source: “Xuân Này Con Sẽ Về” MV

The idea of this campaign is to aid 3000 round-trip flight tickets for those people so that they could have a wholesome Lunar New Year with their families.

Xuan Nay Con Se Ve:

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Oooo this song is interesting. Plus the stats are pretty cool I’mma give it a shot and see how I find it. You guys have some interesting reviews on this. 


Okay so the song is spectacular, like all of it is amazing the song the video, truly a master piece. So it actually deserves this love that it got heck even more. 


@naruto_sun I agree with you. It’s an amazing song. Plus the video as well. It deserves to go even higher in views and ratings. Because it’s freaking amazing. 

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