MusicDan Truong Covers Phan Duy Anh’s Hit Song “Tung Yeu”

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The male singer admitted that after listening to this song he loved it and wanted to show his appreciation in his own way. Therefore, Đan Trường directly worked with the original singer and songwriter to cover the lyrics of “Từng Yêu”.

In the past, Đan Trường also covered many songs of young musicians and singers, but it was only an improvisation to perform at tea rooms and conferences.

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This time, Đan Trường said, he has invested a thorough arrangement so that the audience can feel every emotional melody and lyrics that the musician sends to this song. Besides the new melody and style of this cover, the beautiful images of this Vpop MV also gained a lot of attention from fans.

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dan truong tung yeu cover vpop music


The singer revealed the scenes in “Từng Yêu” were filmed in France and Germany. The artist and his team spent a lot of time looking for beautiful scenery from these two countries to integrate into the product.


Currently, he and his students Trung Quang are busy with tours abroad. Despite a busy schedule, the singer has said he will try his best free up time to complete new projects to send to the audience and fans.

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Tung Yeu:

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