MusicHuy Vac Paints a Romantic Love Through the New MV “Yeu La”

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“Yêu Là” is a R&B song marking the collaboration between Huy Vạc and composer Kai, ViAM. The song and its music video were released on July 10, 2022 on Huy Vạc official YouTube channel.

Huy Vạc is known for his sweet Ballads or cover songs from other famous singers. He had a great passion for music since childhood and that passion is still nurtured to this day. He is still singing passionately at nightclubs and regularly uploads covers on social networking sites. Those songs are always enthusiastically supported by the online community.

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huy vac yeu la mv

photo: “Yêu Là” MV

Not sophisticated in terms of images, and not as grandiose about MV production as the million-dollar MVs, most of Huy Vạc’s songs are simple, straightforward, and emotional. He often chooses ballad songs with gentle melodies, and emotional lyrics, parallel with his rustic and unsophisticated appearance as the way he is.

huy vac yeu la vpop

photo: “Yêu Là” MV

“Yêu Là” marked another step forward in his professional music career path. Along with the soothing melody, and poetic lyrics, the MV also impresses the audience with the romantic scenes of the couple which were filmed in Da Lat.

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The song defines what love is. According to the songwriter, love is bringing to each other hope and faithfulness. Love is being together, even though it hurts sometimes. The song also describes how feelings may change when we are in love. Sometimes the two still make mistakes, they just silently sit by their side, but after all, they vow to be together for the rest of their lives. Just hope to see the other half with a smile on their faces!

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Love is giving hope and faith

Love is happiness just seeing each other

The moment he realized…

Love is simply how we feel when we look at each other.

Yeu La:

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Someone I know from another forum (we play games together) is actually a big fan of his and I only just found this out because he had heard me listening to this song while we were playing! 


Does he write all of his own music? I know a lot of artists say they do but you often come to find they do have a writing team and don’t write everything themselves. 


Love is the best topic to write music on. It comes in waves, you can express so many other emotions from it, and it appeals to everyone. This song is happy, sad, and beautiful. 


I love how this song so perfectly captures the feeling of being in love. It’s a powerful song and I can’t wait to hear more from Huy Vac.


I always liked the use of flashbacks in videos like this. I think it is a good way to express emotions about the past, the present, and the future. He did an amazing job with this one. 


I think the message of the song oversimplifies what love is but it is still a beautiful song and I loved the chemistry between the two in the video. It tells a story and expressed emotions many people can relate to. 


Such a beautiful song. This is not normally what I go for with music but every now and then, a love song or a romance song hits a sweet spot. He is good at what he does, for sure.

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