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MusicNguyen Tran Trung Quan and Denis Dang Release Short Film “Nuoc Chay Hoa Troi”

Quinn7 months ago

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“Nước Chảy Hoa Trôi” of Lucaz is an idea inspired by the poem the tale of Kieu of Nguyễn Du.

The poem recounts the life, trials and tribulations of Thúy Kiều, a beautiful and talented young woman, who has to sacrifice herself to save her family.

denis dang nuoc chay hoa troi

credit: NTTQ’s Facebook  

To save her father and younger brother from prison, she sells herself into marriage with a middle-aged man, not knowing that he is a pimp, and is forced into prostitution while modern interpretations vary, some post-colonial writers have interpreted it as a critical, allegorical reflection on the rise of the Nguyen Dynasty.

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nuoc chay hoa troi nttq denis dang vpop

credit: “Nước Chảy Hoa Trôi” MV

The song belongs to the pop ballad genre which is instrumented based on oriental accord consonance. The song’s lyrics are also meticulously composed, which enriches the audiences’ imagination.

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nuoc chay hoa troi nttq denis dang

credit: “Nước Chảy Hoa Trôi” MV

As soon as “Nước Chảy Hoa Trôi” was officially released on Nhaccuatui (NCT) by Nguyễn Trần Trung Quân, it immediately received a great number of views with more than 35,000 views within 12 hours and continued to improve after that.

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nuoc chay hoa troi denis dang

credit: “Nước Chảy Hoa Trôi” MV

It is not the first time Nguyễn Trần Trung Quân’s song become a massive hit on NCT. Earlier his previous works such as “Tự Tâm”  with 11M views, “Canh Ba” with 4M views, and “Anh Cần Thời Gian Cho Trái Tim Mau Lành Lại” with 3M views.

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Nuoc Chay Hoa Troi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z7B-lNpecs

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I liked the whole thing I wish more artist could make long MVs like this one. We would enjoy more longer. 


@hangmoon37 yeah true it’s so much better and easier to enjoy the MV when it’s of a length like this one. 


This was seriously an intense MV. 


This MV is literally 🔥🔥🔥


Like this is the kind of story that gives you Goosebumps when you think about that it’s happening around the world and we don’t know much about cases like this, this MV is a really nice way of creating awareness. 


@sienna_davis so true 💯

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