MusicIsaac Transformed Into a Nine-Tailed Fox in “Cat Em Vao Tam Tu” With Shocking Sex Scene With Actress Jun Vu

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The new music video “Cất Em Vào Tâm Tư” by a handsome talented Vietnamese singer Isaac was officially released on October 13th marking his imposing comeback to Vpop. “Cất Em Vào Tâm Tư” is a turning point in his career.

It is a perfect combination of high technique, engaging melody and creative content.

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cat em vao tam tu isaac vpop mv

source: Isaac’s Facebook

Earlier, the “Cất Em Vào Tâm Tư” teaser clip infatuated the audiences by a bundle of high skill of filming supervised by a prominent film director Kawaii Tuấn Anh and his production crew.

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isaac cat em vao tam tu vpop music

source: Isaac’s Facebook

The story of “Cất Em Vào Tâm Tư” was inspired by a legendary story named “The Tale of a Gumiho”, and Jun Vũ, one of the top-rated actresses of Vietnam, played the role of the female protagonist in this production.

sex scene isaac jun vu vpop

source: “Cất Em Vào Tâm Tư” MV

The MV “Cất Em Vào Tâm Tư” was briefly made on a famous legendary Asian story.

isaac cat em vao tam tu vpop mv

source: Isaac’s Facebook

Unlike, the stereotype that we often think of when it comes to “The Tale of a Gumiho”(the Gumiho should be an angel-like, charming girl), Isaac plays the role of a male Gumiho who lives across many centuries to seek a chance to meet with the girl that he loves (played by Jun Vũ).

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isaac jun vu kiss vpop

source: “Cất Em Vào Tâm Tư” MV

During the whole video, the life of the past and present interlaces that creates a mysterious moving love story between the two main protagonists.

cat em vao tam tu isaac vpop music

source: Isaac’s Facebook

Besides, it is known that “Cất Em Vào Tâm Tư” belongs to the ballad music genre and was composed by a new musician, Dickson Nguyễn. The lyrics focuses on expressing the feeling of a guy who loves and misses his lover day and night but cannot come to meet her. Isaac also shared that the reason why he chose this kind of music is that he wants to express his feelings.

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Cat Em Vao Tam Tu:

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