MusicNgoc Kara Released a New Song “Bao Lau Chua Uong” in Association With DTAP, Andree Right Hand and Others

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At the end of last year, Ngọc Kara – a young talented vocalist of Vietnam held a press conference to announce the release of the long-nurtured MV “Bao Long Chưa Uống”.

There were many of well-known, sought-after singers, actors, film producer, and film directors attending the conference such as Vietnamese rapper Andree Right Hand, Gi A Nguyễn, DTAP crew, Cao Xuân Tài, Katleen Võ (a Vietnamese born in Canada), music producer – Martin Trịnh, and film director-actor – Peter Pham.

ngoc kara bao lau chua uong andree right hand

source: FC Ngoc Kara Facebook page

This occasion was the very first press conference of Ngọc Kara since she started singing. Apart from releasing her newest Vpop MV, Ngọc Kara also would like to give a big thanks to all the sponsors supporting her on this production. Moreover, in this conference, Ngọc Kara officially once shared the story of the original of the name Ngọc Kara.

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ngoc kara blcu vpop fc ngoc kara

source: FC Ngoc Kara Facebook page

She said “Ngọc Kara is the name I was given by a film director who is like a brother to me. This name has been bringing me luck since I changed my name to it, thereby, I hope people will know about me with the name Ngọc Kara from now on”. After the teaser video of “Bao Lâu Chưa Uống” had been unveiled on the market, it had rapidly engaged the massive attention of people.

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ngoc kara andree right hand vpop music

source: FC Ngoc Kara Facebook page

Eventually, the mysterious story of the MV itself was released at the conference. The MV’s content is written about a love story with various emotions. In the MV, Gi A Nguyễn is the boyfriend of Ngọc Kara. When their relationship comes to an end, the girl still has a fond remembrance of the old, ecstatic memories that they have before. However, that emotional longing takes her to make some weird actions.

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ngoc kara fc facebook vpop artist

source: FC Ngoc Kara Facebook page

The lyric “Bao lâu chưa uống nhưng em như người say” – have not drank for ages, but I am now feeling like a drinker – is the masterpiece of the whole song showing perfectly the feeling of the girl in the MV.

Additionally, “Bao Lâu Chưa Uống” is the first collaboration of the DTAP team, who stood behind a tremendous success of the massive hit “Để Mị Nói Cho Mà Nghe” – performed by Hoàng Thùy Linh.

Bao Lau Chua Uong:

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