MusicLou Hoang and Famous Video Game Streamers Join Forces to Remake “Bong Bong Bang Bang” for Lien Quan Mobile

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Độ Mixi, ViruSs and Cris Phan surprised the audience when partaking in the MV “Bống Bống Bang Bang” with Liên Quân version.

The Liên Quân mobile game fandom has enjoyed the hard work of the collaboration of many influential streamers such as Độ Mixi, ViruSs, Cris Devil Gamer, and singer Lou Hoàng with the remake of “Bống Bống Bang Bang”.

lou hoang bong bong bang bang vpop

source: Bong Bong Bang Bang lien quan version

Basically, “Bống Bống Bang Bang” is one of the soundtracks of the movie Tấm Cám: Chuyện Chưa Kể. that was composed by such a sought-after brilliant musician-singer OnlyC.

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bong bong bang bang lien quan

source: Bong Bong Bang Bang lien quan version

The original song was performed by 365daband (a Vietnamese boyband), and the views for their MV has been increasing still since 365daband disbanded in 2016. Continuously, the record was broken when the original MV has reached 400 million views. Up to January 1st, for two years and a half when it was released, the MV is on the way to 500 million views on YouTube.

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bong bong bang bang lien quan do mixi

source: Bong Bong Bang Bang lien quan version

So far, “Bống Bống Bang Bang” has been on the top among the most-viewed music videos in Vietnam. Perhaps, for this reason, “Bống Bống Bang Bang” was chosen to remake on this occasion. The Liên Quân version of the song was recreated with a series of uproarious and vivid materials that are extremely entertaining, and amusing.

cris devil gamer

source: Bong Bong Bang Bang lien quan version

In the MV, our hot streamer, ViruSs and Độ Mixi had a chance to bare their hearts about things that happen routinely in their lives like Độ Mixi has to “do live streaming all day long and babysit his child”, or Cris Phan has to “travel for filming day and night”. Besides, apart from launching the reward event to serve on July, 26th, the Vpop MV is considered a birthday gift sent out to the Liên Quân fandom.

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Bong Bong Bang Bang Lien Quan version: 

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