Music“Truc Xinh” of Minh Vuong M4U Featuring Viet Mixes Traditional Sound With Modern Has Topped Music Charts

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In the first half of 2020, the Vietnamese music market has been stirred up by a bunch of big hits emerging all over the Vietnamese music charts. Unexceptionally, “Trúc Xinh” is the first collaboration of Minh Vương M4U, Việt, and ACV exclusively released on Zing MP3 on March 20th.

Within one week of releasing, the song has effortlessly usurped the throne of a dozen massive hits such as “Hết Thương Cạn Nhớ” of Đức Phúc, “Sao Anh Chưa Về” of AMEE and “Ai Đợi Mình Được Mãi” of Thanh Hưng.

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Hot girl Nguyễn Hoàng Ngọc Huyền (source:

The hot girl, model and actress starring in this music video is Nguyễn Hoàng Ngọc Huyền who is known in teen circles of Hanoi and showed up in many short films. The track, too, has climbed the second spot on Zingchart, and its audio even gained five million views and is on the rise. Therefore, there is a myriad of comments on Facebook saying that the tune is like a breath of fresh air, and the melody was harmonized and instrumented artistically and organizationally.

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The production crew put all the sounds of the traditionally ethnic instruments such as 16-chord zither, the bamboo flute, and Vietnamese two-chord fiddle in good use which made the song the most unique and superior. Particularly, the sound was played by Trần Văn Xâm – the most talented two-chord fiddle instructor in Vietnam. Besides, the Vietnamese proverbial and idiomatic words, expressions were as well exploited abundantly in writing the lyrics and seen in those words rhymed well together.

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“Trúc xinh trúc mọc đầu đình Đến nay sao vẫn một mình Áo anh nay sứt chỉ rồiNhớ Anh em nhớ một đời”

The Vpop artists leaning to modern-traditional music has been pervasively spreading since the second half of 2019. A series of big hits belonging to this music trend ruling the roost of numerous music charts are “Trúc Xinh”, “Hai Phút Hơn” (Pháo, CM1X), “Hoa Vô Sắc” (Jack, K-ICM), “Duyên Trời Lấy 2” (Chung Thanh Duy).

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truc xinh vpop minh vuong m4u


For that reason, Minh Vương M4U’s representative shared that this vocalist has the intention of upholding this kind of music in the upcoming production. Besides, Minh Vương also owns a dearest possession with a ton of hits in 2019 such as “Em Sẽ Là Cô Dâu” reaching top 1 on Zingchart with 240 million views, “Em Ơi Lên Phố” with 191 million views, “Tình Đẹp Đến Mấy Cũng Tàn” with 114 million views and “Bông Hoa Chẳng Thuộc Về Ta” with 84 million views.

Truc Xinh:

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