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MusicOverseas Vietnamese Singer Mai Tien Dung Releases Ballad Song “Yeu Nhu Ngay Yeu Cuoi”

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After the successful release of a song with Rhymastic named “Loving You” with more than 10 million listens, Mai Tiến Dũng continues to bring one more song to the audiences called “Yêu Như Ngày Yêu Cuối”.

The Vietnamese ballad song “Yêu Như Ngày Yêu Cuối” is a mild ballad with the lyrics full of emotion performed by Mai Tiến Dũng and the music composed by Tăng Nhật Tuệ. The Lyric MV “Yêu Như Ngày Yêu Cuối” was released on August 28th, 2017 on MAI TIẾN DŨNG [OFFICIAL CHANNEL] ‘s YouTube Channel.

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Source: 2sao.vn

The song “Yêu Như Ngày Yêu Cuối” is a story about a man who is selfless to give the sentiment for the girl whom he loves. Ignoring her lies and her cold gestures, he is still in love with her in a burning way than ever before.

mai tien dung yeu nhu ngay yeu cuoi vpop

Source: 2sao.vn

Because of the magnificent stage combined with the warm and emotional voice of Mai Tiến Dũng, the lyric MV “Yêu Như Ngày Yêu Cuối” received many positive comments from the audiences.

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The Vpop lyric MV “Yêu Như Ngày Yêu Cuối” currently has over 57 million views on YouTube and 51.6 million listens on Zing MP3. Let’s enjoy this splendid song that marks Mai Tiến Dũng’s successful career. And also listen to other notable songs of him such as “Đừng Hỏi Về Anh”,” Thì Thầm Mùa Xuân”,” Vì Đời Là Thế Mà” and “Chỉ Vì Yêu Em”.

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Yeu Nhu Ngay Yeu Cuoi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnOIfm7imwQ

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