MusicAMEE and Hua Kim Tuyen’s “Hai Muoi Hai (22)” Speaks to Young Adults

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“Hai Mươi Hai (22)” which AMEE just launched, refers to the many changes in life, work, and school of the young adults who are 22 years old. To mark her comeback, AMEE collaborated with Hứa Kim Tuyền to release the MV “Hai Mươi Hai”.

The MV is in Hứa Kim Tuyền’s album named “Colours”. In this album, Kim Tuyền also co-operated with many famous singers such as Tóc Tiên, Văn Mai Hương and Hoàng Dũng.

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Sharing about this song, Hứa Kim Tuyền said that after graduation, he was just 22 years old and took part in the Sing My Song program. He had to make an important decision on whether to continue his old job or pursue his passion. Moreover, at that time, he had nothing to guarantee for his future because he was not a famous person or had hit products.

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However, the last words his father told him before he died “You have to live your life as long as you are fun, you are happy, not regretful, and do not care what people say”. So, he stood by her passion to become a musician. He wants to convey an essential message to young people that each of us is a different being so we should shape and live our own life without regrets.

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Sometimes, we feel out of place and feel taken advantage of. However, it’s ok if we give without thinking about what we will get in return because the one thing we realize is that it is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

On the other hand, “Hai Mươi Hai” is a reminder that we need to take care of our families because, sometimes, many young people often ignore their family to pursue their work. This song is like the voice of parents. Even though you fail many times, your parents are still behind you to always support and help you reach your dreams. Even, when we feel out of place, whenever we return home, our parents are standing in front of the house to embrace us with open arms.

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Hai Muoi Hai:

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The whole video is very intimate and touching. I think this kind of music will inspire the youth in good ways, to follow their dreams and be wholesome adults. 


her cry face when she saw her mom made me lol


@stevienguyen That’s not very nice! 
I was watching this when my boyfriend walked by and he started laughing too. I mean I get it, some people look silly when they cry but come on! haha


yeah I don’t mean to make fun of her cry face but I didn’t expect that part haha. I went on her Facebook page and she also posted memes about her cry face. I admire the fact that she can laugh at herself.

Despite that, she looks beautiful in this MV!


Love this song. It is inspirational and inspiring. She is one of the best artists for this kind of music and I am sure a lot of people have been able to relate to it. I am not 22 anymore but I still remember how hard that transition was for me!


She has such a soft voice. Very beautiful. I love her dress in the video. I think it is good younger artists are starting to be more role models than just idols. 

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