MusicTTeam Releases Cute Song “Quang Lam Em Oi” on Thai Vu’s 30th Birthday Featuring Hot Girl Kim Ngan

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On the occasion of Thái Vũ’s 30th birthday (BlackBi of FAPtv comedy crew), his colleague “hot girl” Kim Ngân cooperated with him in a new music video named “Quằng Lắm Em Ơi”.

It took around seven consecutive days to have the MV finished hastily on Thái Vũ’s birthday (September 14th).

tteam quang lam em oi kim ngan vpop music


For those who don’t know, Thái Vũ is a prevailing comedian, a member of the FAPtv comedy crew who gains the popularity of thousands of Vietnamese audiences by his natural, hilarious acting skill.

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tteam quang lam em oi

source: “Quằng Lắm Em Ơi” MV

Apart from being a comedian, Thái Vũ is also a happening rapper with a well-known name, BlackBi. He also has a large group of fans as the role of a Vietnamese rapper.

tteam quang lam em oi kim ngan vpop mv


Recently, to celebrate the 30th birthday of Thái Vũ, he and members of TTeam (a comedy crew on YouTube) such as DT, Mai Xuân Thứ, and Kim Ngân made the MV “Quằng Lắm Em Ơi” to gift to the people that have been supporting him and the crew. As he once shared: “The production is a present that embodies my love for those who always buttress me in all things that I do”.

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tteam thai vu kim ngan quang lam em oi vpop


The MV “Quằng Lắm Em Ơi” belongs to the traditional pop music genre that was harmonized with such an ecstatic, dynamic melody. It was composed by the two members of the team, DT and Mai Xuân Thứ. However, Kim Ngân was the one who rapped a part of the song instead of Thái Vũ. He took a step back to work as a music producer this time.

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tteam quang lam em oi kim ngan

source: “Quằng Lắm Em Ơi” MV

Moreover, sharing about the name of the song: “Quằng” lắm em ơi, Thái Vũ stated that “Quằng” is the word that is used in the daily conversation among all the members of the crew. It is a joking word to calm down one another when they have a workload or have to work in intensity.

Quang Lam Em Oi:

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