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MusicTTeam Creates “Em La Nguoi Tot” the Twin Song of “Anh La Nguoi Xau”

Quinn10 months ago

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The MV “Em Là Người Tốt” – a product of TTeam crew was officially unveiled to the public on February 14th.

To those who have been following up with TTeam from the early days will recognize the connection between this new song and the previous one “Anh Là Người Xấu”.

tteam em la nguoi tot

credit: “Em Là Người Tốt” MV

DT – the composer and main singer has shared that he wanted to create a twin for the song “Anh Là Người Xấu”, but it would contain the exact opposite spirit. “Em Là Người Xấu” revolves a story about a bad girl.

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tteam em la nguoi tot vpop

credit: “Em Là Người Tốt” MV

DT (Nguyễn Đức Trí) is the official member of TTeam from the very first day when establishing the crew.  He also has a couple of big hits associated with Mai Xuân Thứ such as the MV “Muốn Nói Với Em” (24M views). He also prioritized his time for participating in all projects of TTeam.

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em la nguoi tot tteam

credit: “Em Là Người Tốt” MV

It is known that it took around 300M VND to cover all the costs of producing the MV “Em Là Người Tốt”. Therefore, Thái Vũ (BlackBi) – a member of TTeam expressed: “To be honest, everyone always hopes for their product to reach the top 1 Trending YouTube when making it, but it is not the priority of our team. The importance is that what we can contribute to the Vietnamese art industry.”

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tteam em la nguoi tot vpop mv

credit: “Em Là Người Tốt” MV

Recently, being asked about the reason why repeatedly he released new products, he explained that he wanted to research to find the most currently preferable music genre. Then, based on that result, he could bring the most suitable piece of music with the best quality.

Em La Nguoi Tot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5h73etK3MJg

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Maybe I should listen to Vietnamese music more hard so I don’t miss many good songs like this 


Thanks for sharing this song, the first time I know TTeam and it’s quite good.


They are rocking the industry. I hope it become a hit soon. Or gets premiered on MTV. 


Blackbi did an amazing job in making this MV ❤️


@rem_subaru they definitely have out done themselves im making this beautiful MV ❤️


I liked it TTeam has put in some amazing work into the production. 


Beautifully done MV 💯 🤘


This is a wonderful song. I listened to it when it got out and it’s definitely worth listening to.


@aang_avatar me to it’s a good song. Especially when you are chilling and or just in the mood of the vibe. 


TTeam productions have just done an amazing job in producing this song. Love listening this beauti ❤️


@hangmoon37 true true. 

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