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MusicAfter the Official MV Release, TTeam Releases “Muon Noi Voi Em” Piano New Rap Version

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TTeam officially released the new song “Muốn Nói Với Em” with a completely new version on July 17th of this year.

The music video “Muốn Nói Với Em” (Piano New Rap version) has simple black and white tones which captures the gentle and earnest feelings of the song. The Vpop music video also impressed fans when Black Bi and the other two members of TTeam appeared.

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tteam vpop music

Source: baomoi.com

At the beginning of the music video, Mai Xuân Thứ (vocalist) played the piano and sang with his sweet voice.

tteam muon noi voi em piano rap vpop

Source: facebook.com

What surprised the audience was the self-composed and performing part of the leader of TTeam – Blackbi with 16 brand new rap lines that was never seen in the original MV.

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tteam vpop mv

Source: facebook.com

In this piano version, there are also great solo dances from dancer Trung X.

tteam vpop muon noi voi em

Source: yeah1.com

This song is a completely different version from the original, creating an uplifting feeling and taking viewers to many different levels of emotions. At the same time, it also is a steppingstone for the appearance of the other two members of TTeam who are Đức Trí (Rap) and Mai Xuân Thứ (vocalist).

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Muon Noi Voi Em Piano New Rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut_3389rJh0

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I can’t see the pictures in Thai’s voice but the MV is so black :)))



Feel the music not the picture 

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