MusicTrung Quan Abruptly Returns To Vpop With “Tinh Nao Khong Nhu Tinh Dau”

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It has been nearly three years after the production “Có Điều Gì Sao Không Nói Cùng Anh?” since Trung Quân released any other music projects.

Trung Quân said that when he gets away from Vpop music, he spends more time improving his health, rearranging his life more scientifically and working on his business.

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trung quan tinh nao khong nhu tinh dau

source: “Tình Nào Không Như Tình Đầu” MV

Returning to the teaser “Tình Nào Không Như Tình Đầu”, Trung Quân proves that his charisma hasn’t decreased by making the audience excited and curious.

tinh nao khong nhu tinh dau trung quan vpop mv

source: “Tình Nào Không Như Tình Đầu” MV

Not revealing the whole story, Trung Quân welcomes fans to the explosive music with his high notes. Many comments expressed their admiration when watching the teaser.

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trung quan vpop idol


The MV has a nostalgic and youthful color that contributes to the feeling of restlessness, making the audience expect to see more. He also apologized to the fans for being away for such a long time. However, he revealed that with this comeback, he will try harder than before with the projects in the future.

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Tinh Nao Khong Nhu Tinh Dau:

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