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MusicLiz Kim Cuong Makes a Comeback With “Em Can Mot Nguoi Quan Tam” MV With Trinh Thang Binh

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Only after a month since the previous collaboration for “Khác Biệt To Lớn” of Trịnh Thăng Bình and Liz Kim Cương that gained such a tumultuous popularity from audiences, on September 13th, the duo came back with the newest MV “Em Cần Một Người Quan Tâm”.

The music video “Em Cần Một Người Quan Tâm” is another new song belonging to the R&B music genre style of Trịnh Thăng Bình.

liz kim cuong em can mot nguoi quan tam

source: Liz Kim Cuong’s Facebook page

The song was exclusively written for Liz Kim Cương, one of the fresh talents in the Vietnamese music market. The scenes, moreover, filmed all in the European countries where the previous hits such as “Cho Anh Xin Thêm Một Phút” hay “Khác Biệt To Lớn” were happened to film by such a renowned film director Khương Duy. Hence, many audiences supposed that the song would proceed with the love stories in those prior MVs.

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liz kim cuong em can mot nguoi quan tam vpop music

source: Liz Kim Cuong’s Facebook page

Trịnh Thăng Bình once shared at a conference that “Not only is this a music project but also a spiritual gift that Liz Kim Cương and I would like to give to the people that have been supporting during the journey of our singing career.” The song was an inspiration for the everyday contradictory issues of the people that are in love.

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liz kim cuong em can mot nguoi quan tam mv

source: Liz Kim Cuong’s Facebook page

Trịnh Thăng Bình creatively fabricated a musical dialogue between two people. The MV’s content tells that the girl in the MV finds herself being neglected by her boyfriend and feels solitary in her relationship. However, as to the guy, he does not know why his girlfriend is always depressed. He can only give a sign and ask “Em ơi làm thế nào là vừa lòng, em ơi yêu nhau thế nào là một lòng”- “babe, what would I do to fit your satisfaction, babe, how is it considered to be faithful in love”.

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liz kim cuong vpop

source: Liz Kim Cuong’s Facebook page

The major scene in the whole Vpop MV is the emergence of Liz Kim Cương backpacking and going around with a teddy bear all alone. Conversely, Trịnh Thăng Bình took a step back to be a narrator, an invisible character throughout the whole MV.

Em Can Mot Nguoi Quan Tam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vltlHN5wqUQ

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