MusicLam Sung Releases “Danh Chon Co Don” for Those Choosing the Single Life

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Lâm Sung is a Vietnamese singer who took his first steps on the musical path in 2019 and is better known for the song  “Rời Xa Em”.  From 2020 until now, Lâm Sung has released a number of music products such as “Vẫn Muốn Tiếp Tục”, “Viện Cớ” and “Chẳng Hiểu Vì Sao”. Most recently, the song “Đành Chọn Cô Đơn” was officially released in April of this year.

“Đành Chọn Cô Đơn” is a song for those choosing the single life. Sometimes it’s not that they want, but there are hundreds of thousands of reasons why they choose to be alone. The song has a gentle melody mixed with a bit of deep sadness that makes listeners feel the emotions deposited in each word.

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Many people ask me why I’m always lonely.

How long do you have to work alone?

The MV “Đành Chọn Cô Đơn” is sad, and a bit empty but still sees the beauty of nature. This is also one of the points that are praised by the audience and the reason the song stands out. Although not too prominent, Lâm Sung’s music products has its own unmistakable tone, especially the storytelling through each melody and note.

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Lâm Sung confided: “Music came to me from a young age. But due to not having many conditions, I temporarily put my passion aside. It wasn’t until later that I started working and had more conditions, so I started making the products I wanted. Until now, I still want to write autobiographical songs. It’s like storytelling with music. For me, music is a connection, each of us will see our own story through songs.”

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Have you heard this song yet? Do you feel you are in the same lonely situation as Lâm Sung? Leave a comment below, please!

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Danh Chon Co Don:

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A friend of mine actually showed me this song. I have only heard of maybe 2 other songs from Lâm Sung. While he has an amazing voice, none of his songs stuck with me. This one though, I really enjoy it!


First time hearing this. I can’t say I am a fan of his but I think this song will grow on me. I might check out some of his other work as well 😊 


Nothing wrong with wanting to be single. You get to take care of yourself and learn who you are so when the right person comes your way, you are ready for them :) 


I never thought I would like a song about being single but he has convinced me that I do. His voice is amazing and stands out so much from a lot of other male singers in Vietnam. 


@caphekitty I think it is more about self-acceptance and being happy with yourself. But yeah, it is not a common topic in this sort of pitch.  


He has an interesting accent and a really good voice. It almost seems as though he speaks a few different languages. I don’t know much about the singer. I will have to look into this!


I like this song and his Vietnamese accent sounds unique. Is he Vietnamese?

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