MusicAfter Taking First Place on the Rap Viet TV Show, De Choat Releases “Em Roi Tu Dau Xuong Day”

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Dế Choắt officially released the newest MV “Em Rơi Từ Đâu Xuống Đây” on January 13th, an official project after being crowned the champion of the show Rap Việt.

The MV drew all the attention of people as expected because the song is considered the beginning of Dế Choắt’s music journey since he achieved the champion of the show. The song is even more meaningful when Dế Choắt is one of the ones of top 10 inspiring ambassadors representing for WeChoice 2020 – Diệu Kỳ Việt Nam.

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em roi tu dau xuong bay de choat vpop

source: “Em Rơi Từ Đâu Xuống Đây” MV

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“Em Rơi Từ Đâu Xuống Đây” is a long-nurtured, labor project of Dế Choắt, bringing such positive energy to all the listeners at its very first notes. The song depicts the life of one person like Dế, who has always strived to pursue their dreams, then with a great number of effort and one tablespoon of luck, he finally made his dream came true.

de choat em roi tu dau xuong bay

source: “Em Rơi Từ Đâu Xuống Đây” MV

If listening to Dế and Uyên in the song “Em Rơi Từ Đâu Xuống Đây” deeply enough, people will recognize that “no matter where we start at, our dreams will be fruitful one day if we strive hard enough, just exactly like Dế’s”.

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de choat em roi tu dau xuong bay vpop

source: “Em Rơi Từ Đâu Xuống Đây” MV

Simplicity can be seen in the MV’s staging way. It is considered a documentary film about places that Dế Choắt used to stop over during a charitable journey. Each place brought him specifically, peculiar feelings making him falling in love with it. Therefore, he brought all the real, momentary points into the MV “Em Rơi Từ Đâu Xuống Đây”.

de choat em roi tu dau xuong bay vietnam music

source: “Em Rơi Từ Đâu Xuống Đây” MV

The whole MV is memorable slices in the volunteer journey of Dế and his friends. The music video is in black and white to bring out the authenticity but still retain precision and attractiveness. According to Dế Choắt, the MV was made spontaneously without any plan. Because at the end of the year his friends and him often make trips to provide the necessary support to people in remote areas. The MV is simply Dế’s journey and his friends on the trip, so the images are all authentic moments.

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Em Roi Tu Dau Xuong Day:

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Although I don’t like rap music, the MV makes me feel at peace 😊😊


Really impressed by him. His voices fits in Rap and also he looks really cool. 👍💯💯


I’m truly impressed, I wasn’t expecting such a hyped up song. But this was definitely amazing. Plus his body art is kinda cool. 


Loved it. I’mma stay updated about his music. ✌🏻


This is definitely an amazing start for his career. Hats off. 


You go dude, I gotta be honest this was your first impression for me and I loved the song. 


 His rap style is amazing, loved the MV. 

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