MusicLeaving Her Bolero Image Behind, Jang Mi Showed off Her Sweet Voice With the OST “Ky Uc Vo Doi”

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“Ký Ức Vỡ Đôi” is Jang Mi’s new music product in the young pop music genre which is attracting a lot of audiences. In the MV “Ký Ức Vỡ Đôi”, the two artists Thánh nữ Bolero Jang Mi and the young talented male singer S.T collaborated gave the audience a sad love story full of tears.

The Vpop song “Ký Ức Vỡ Đôi” is a composition of musician Tăng Nhật Tuệ and is used as the soundtrack for the movie Tìm Vợ Cho Bà. Interwoven with scenes taken from the film is the painful love story of Jang Mi and S.T. Certainly, the youthful music video with ballad melody will bring the audience a lot of emotions when watching.

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Jang Mi officially released the MV “Ký Ức Vỡ Đôi” on August 2nd, 2018. This is also the next pop music song that Jang Mi released over a year ago after “Mặt Trái Của Hạnh Phúc” and “Đừng Tin Em Mạnh Mẽ” to temporarily leave the image of “Thánh nữ Bolero” which audiences were familiar with.

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The MV image “Ký Ức Vỡ Đôi” has an interleaving between sweet love scenes of two characters played by Jang Mi and S.T in the movie Tìm Vợ Cho Bà and the scenes of the female singer sitting alone with a heavy heart. Later when she returned, she relentlessly recalled the memories when the two were together to the point of bringing tears to her eyes.

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With the deep-seated melody, deep lyrics, resonating with the emotional and warm voice of Jang Mi, the song makes the audience feel regret for the incomplete love of Jang Mi and S.T. At the same time, the new song of musician Tăng Nhật Tuệ promises to increase the emotions of the audience after watching the movie Tìm Vợ Cho Bà in the theater.

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Besides the behind-the-scenes stories when expressing and filming the MV “Ký Ức Vỡ Đôi”, Jang Mi also shared more about her music plans in the future. Accordingly, the female singer asserted that she was always grateful and cherished the audience who loved her during the past time, especially a young person just like her. On the other hand, because of that, Jang Mi has been under pressure for a long time as the “Thánh nữ Bolero”. She had to think, pondering a lot in choosing a direction to reinvent herself and shed away her bolero image.

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“Ký Ức Vỡ Đôi” isn’t a good change for Jang Mi since her voice still has a Bolero tone. On the other hand, the vibrato of Jang Mi has not made a strong impression on the audience. However, in the midst of the rising Ballad music, the audience believed that this was a wise move and would resonate with her in the future.

Ky Uc Vo Doi:

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