MusicListen to the Magic of Freak D in Action With PhucXp’s “Chang The Tim Duoc Em”

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PhucXp’s real name is Đỗ Đức Phúc, and he was born in the year 2003. The male singer has been engaged in the Vietnamese music industry since 2020, and his impressive works include “Vắng Bóng Anh Rồi”, “Cô Đơn Là Gì Hả Em”, “Người Mang Ánh Dương”.

On November 25th, 2020, PhucXp collaborated with Freak D to release “Chẳng Thể Tìm Được Em”. Although it is just an audio MV, it reached over 8 million views after launching more than 7 days ago.

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phucxp chang the tim duoc em mv

credit: “Chẳng Thể Tìm Được Em” MV

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Until December 1st, he premiered the official MV with approximately 800 thousand views. This song also helped him enter the HOT14  chart with a high rank. Moreover, up to the present, the official audio has over 50 million views and no sign of cooling down. We also can hear “Chẳng Thể Tìm Được Em” on a variety of Vietnamese music pages on Facebook because it has become a hit song among the Vietnamese young generation.

phucxp chang the tim duoc em vpop

credit: “Chẳng Thể Tìm Được Em” MV

The song is a lofi genre, describing a couple who adore each other but are unable to be together. The guy confessed his feelings to the girl and hopes that the time can slow down to hold his lover one more time. With a desperate longing for his beloved to return, she still does not come back to him.

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Like the title of this song, Duc Phuc wants to say that after splitting up with someone, we will love and be happy in the future because our bodies still breathe and our hearts still pump. However, we can’t find our emotions at that time one more time because each person comes into our life as a blessing and they bring special feelings that we can never forget. Therefore, when some people come into our life, we should love their company, tell them how special they are and respect their love to be remorseless if they come out of our life one day.

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Chang The Tim Duoc Em ft Freak D:

Chang The Tim Duoc Em (Official MV):

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Another good one. I do like most of his songs. He has a good tempo and always knows how to release songs that get stuck in your head.


Just heard this the other day. Solid track that I am sure a lot of people will do covers and remixes to. That is how you know you made it. 


Love his deep emotional voice. I think the marriage of sounds just works and is super creative. I’m definitely gonna check out more of PhucXP’s work. I also been following Freak D’s youtube, he releases a lot of good lofi remixes.


Omg I did not know he was born in 2003, younger than me 3 years kkkk really amazing, his voice