MusicLow G Raps About His Crush in “Tan Gai 505”

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Low G was born in 1997 and is a famous rapper in Hanoi, but most people do not know that Low G has been a rapper for 2 years. Many years ago, he was known as a famous dancer from the Last Fire Crew.

Although he has grown in the rap market early, Low G already owns many hit songs, including his first debut rap song called “Tán Gái 101″. This song quickly received an enthusiastic response from the audience thanks to its catchy melody.

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Then, he released a new product called “Tán Gái 505”. The content of this song is his own real life love story. He has a crush on a cute girl. However, they were just friends. When she has problems in her work or her life, she often shares them with him. He tries to do his best to comfort her by talking and doing something for her every day. Although he enjoys her company, he never tells her.

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After this success, Low G has continued to release two other rap songs, named “Tán Gái 606” and “Chán Gái 707”, respectively. His songs are considered to be very impressive and have received several million views. He has proven his musical style to the audience and made his name in the underground.

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Besides his musical ability, Low G also has a bright appearance with a handsome face that makes a great impression on young people. In addition, Low G shares that he will bring more surprises to the audience in the future.

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Tan Gai 505:

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A friend of mine got me listening to Low G and he is probably my favorite Vietnamese rapper now. I like the softer side he shows. I don’t like rappers who do nothing but act tough. 


I had no idea how popular Low G was until recently. He seems like he is going to be a huge part of the music growth and expansion in the coming years!


I don’t know why he hasn’t told her! I guess maybe it is better to leave it to the imagination than ruin the friendship and the company he gets from her. 


I didn’t read the article. Does he mention who his crush is? Do we know? I like the song but I am curious as to who this woman is.


A rap about a crush? I thought this would be mellow and chill and I love it! I have actually listened to this a few times now and I am adding it to a playlist. 


I tend to not like rap but this more mellow kind of rap that somewhat blends r&b with a bit of pop, I like this kind. He has a good voice for slower rap as well.