MusicMADIHU Comes Back With a New Song “Co Em” Mixed by Low G

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Nearly two years since the EP “Bụi Mơ” was released, Madihu has marked his return with a new product. “Có Em” was officially released at 8 o’clock on April 22nd.

MADIHU had debuted with three members, but now MADIHU has only one member named Chí Phong. He takes on three roles that are composing, producing, and performing.

madihu vu co em

photo: “Có Em” MV

“Có Em” is a song written by Chí Phong in March of 2021, with the content of an old joy. This MV was filmed by director Nguyễn Khánh (The Red Team). Talking more about the collaboration with Low G, Madihu shared that one day when he and his colleagues were at the studio, he let Low G listen to the beat of this song. After listening to this beat, Low G asked to cooperate with him immediately.

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With an enthusiastic and hard-working spirit, Phong and Long worked together. After that, they completed this MV before the Tet holiday. The content of the MV is an old joy. Madihu is overcoming a sad love story, and he wants to find his old self again. Thanks to his friends, he became happier. Eventually, he realizes that friends can still make him happy without love.

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madihu co em

photo: “Có Em” MV

After four release dates, the MV “Có Em” reached the Top 10 Vietnamese Trending Music. Moreover, after ten release dates, “Có Em” achieved more than two million streams on YouTube and ranked 4th on Vietnamese Music Trending. In addition, “Có Em” (ft. Low G) was featured in the playlist “Việt Nam ơi!” and “Future Hits” on the Apple music platform. At the present, it has reached over six million views and 93 thousand likes on YouTube.

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The song “Có Em” has received many positive responses as well as support from the audience. Many audiences said that they liked the concept and the artistic feel of the MV.

The members who participated in the MV are also very excited about this product. Besides, Đen Vâu also dedicated a post for this product on his Instagram to shout out Madihu.

Co Em:

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If he doesn’t blow up (along with Low G) and become an international star, I would be very surprised. They have to be bringing so much good attention to Vietnamese music right now.


I have yet to find a person offline or online who when I introduce them to MADIHU’s music, they do not like it. He is a phenomenal artist. 


Low G is amazing and his mix worked great here. MADIHU has stand-out skills though. He is one of few rappers I really like. 


He is one of my favorites right now. I introduced some of his music to a friend of mine who had never listened to Vietnamese music and he really likes it.


Low G does a great job with mixes. I mean this song itself feels like it was made for MADIHU and you can hear that throughout the song. 


This is the kind of song that you can just put on and vibe to. This music is what I am always looking for. I don’t like the over the top stuff anymore. 


Really liking this one. Perfect for summer. Going to be adding this to my playlist tonight! No surprise it is getting a lot of views either.