MusicNguyen Tran Trung Quan Asks for Nha Phuong’s Hand in Marriage in “Trong Tri Nho Cua Anh”

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Nguyen Tran Trung Quan launched a new MV with Nha Phuong’s appearance which is called “Trong Tri Nho Cua Anh”. Knowing this new composition of Khac Hung who always creates hit songs, the listeners interested in and anticipated for this song to be released.

Based on the true story from Khac Hung’s friends, this song has touched listeners’ feelings who experienced the same love situation. In the new MV, not only does Trung Quan perform this song perfectly, but also, he shows off his vocals extremely greatly. In addition, with strong acting skills, it is not difficult for Nha Phuong to look for the audiences’ sympathy in this story.

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Trong Tri Nho Cua Anh


In this video, Nha Phuong and Nguyen Tran Trung Quan become lovers and they experience the wonderful days. However, they were going through peaceful days after the marriage proposal, the traffic accident sneaked up on them suddenly. Trung Quan gave his heart to save his wife. The sudden death of her husband is a bitter blow to Nha Phuong, her heart throbs with pain. She recalls and engraves all things that he had done for her. As a result, she decides to continue her husband’s dream to become a well-known potter.

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nguyen tran trung quan viet singer


From a ring which her husband used to ask for her hand in marriage to sketches which are uncompleted by her husband. She uses those to create picturesque works of art. Finally, she completes her husband’s dream and establishes an art gallery.

nguyen tran trung quan ca si


Memories and images of her husband still live on inside her soul like the lyric “In my memory, I can see you clearly and the sweet moments in the past are still incessant.”

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trong tri nho cua anh music


Trong Tri Nho Cua Anh:

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