Music“Phao Hong” of Dat Long Vinh Becomes a Hot Track on TikTok

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Trương Quốc Đạt is the composer of the most trending song on the current Vietnam music market on TikTok –  “Pháo Hồng”. “Whoever’s smile is broken, you are getting married tomorrow” – Nụ cười ai nát lòng, ngày mai em lấy chồng.

Trương Quốc Đạt, also known by his stage as Đạt Long Vinh, has written more than 30 songs as of this point but hadn’t yet won over youthful listeners ever before. However, the name “Đạt Long Vinh” has been recently well recognized since the publication of the song “Pháo Hồng” which possesses a captivating tune and has been generating a craze in the TikTok community.

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dat long vinh phao hong

photo: “Pháo Hồng” MV

Đạt revealed that he had written the song “Pháo Hồng” long ago (2021) but had to postpone its launch due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from that, he also shared that the heart story of the song written based on his own story.

phao hong mv

photo: “Pháo Hồng” MV

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“This song was written by myself on a trying night. It is the tale of a young man who struggled to find love and a career when he first started in life. Every song has a unique story, and music is the best way to experience it, according to Đạt.

phao hong dat long vinh mv

photo: “Pháo Hồng” MV

More than 223,000 TikTok users utilizing the song as the background music for their videos showing how much young people enjoy the chorus of the massive song “Pháo Hồng” on the TikTok platform. Đạt also claimed that he didn’t anticipate the song to be that well-received and have a positive impact on the audience, which is the thing he is tremendously grateful for.

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dat long vinh phao hong mv

photo: “Pháo Hồng” MV

The song has reached more than 1.7 million views on Đạt’s Official Youtube Channel and also ranked 11th place on Zingchart.

Phao Hong:

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It is crazy how certain songs blow up as trends and others don’t. Even super popular ones end up never being a trend all the time! 


@weenie I think it just takes the right people using the music to set the trend. If you have someone who has a massive following and they make a few videos with the music, it encourages other people to do the same. 


I heard this in a handful of videos already, not even on TikTok, just being posted around online. I see why it blew up. Super catchy and you can put it into so many different videos.


I have heard parts of this song in so many videos! I had no idea it had become an actual trend but now it makes sense. I do enjoy the song but at this point, I need to stop hearing it as I have become bored with it!


I like the song but it seems very low-budget in certain areas. Like it was made by a few people with average camera skills. Maybe it is the lighting or the editing? I am not sure.


I think that the video is very well produced, and it definitely has a lot of potential for virality. I hope that this track does well for Dat Long Vinh!

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