MusicReddy Released the MV “Anh Dau Day?” With a Deep Melody, Marking the Maturity in His Music

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Reddy has released the Vpop MV “Anh Đâu Đấy?”, marking his maturity in music and in terms of lyrics, the melody or lyrics are more complete than his previous songs.

The lyrics are simple but full of depth, a sad love story that everyone has ever experienced.

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reddy anh dau day vpop music

source: Reddy’s Facebook

The melody is gentle, catchy and easy to touch the listener’s emotions.

reddy anh dau day vpop

source: “Anh Đâu Đấy?” MV

Reddy’s real name is Tô Đoàn Hữu Duy, a popular male singer in the Underground because of his gentle and rustic music. Reddy came to music by accident. When he was a student, Reddy just played for fun, then practiced writing music.

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reddy anh dau day music vpop

source: “Anh Đâu Đấy?” MV

When Reddy released “Thì Thôi” he received more support from fans. “Thì Thôi” has fully captured Reddy’s musical personality. His voice is suitable for ballad music, quiet and emotional.

anh dau day reddy vpop mv

source: “Anh Đâu Đấy?” MV

“Anh Đâu Đấy?” is receiving the attention and support of the fans, the song has achieved over 250,000 views.

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Anh Dau Day:

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This is such an amazing improvement. Congrats to Reddy for producing such an amazing piece of content. 


This is a pretty good song. Like wasn’t expecting it to be this much good but it definitely is. Everyone should give it a shot. And thank you @Be for sharing this song. 


This was like way above my expectations, and for sure this is the maturity of Reddy’s content. 

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