MusicVu Releases “Buoc Qua Nhau” Trending on TikTok and Other Platforms

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Vũ released his music video “Bước Qua Nhau” on November 11th, 2021. This MV was set in Hong Kong and ranked first on YouTube’s trending music with more than 10 million views in a couple of days. Moreover, ‘s live MV on the Cát Linh-Hà Đông ship reached nearly 18 million views so far.

Likewise, the live song that collaborated with Mỹ Tâm in My Soul 1981 Show, had about 2.8 million views. Vũ’s live MV also initiated the “look to the left” video which became a popular trend on the TikTok platform recently.

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Vũ’s full name is Hoàng Thái Vũ and was born in 1995. He became a famous singer on social networks after posting self-composed songs in acoustic, pop-rock genres. He had many hits such as “Lạ Lùng”, “Đông Kiếm Em” and “Mùa Hè Của Em”.

Compared to ‘s old songs like “Lạ Lùng” or “Đông Kiếm Em”, this song does not have many breakthroughs in music quality. It still belongs to the pop ballad genre. Having no advantage in vocal technique, Vũ chooses a cappella and narrative style to tell a love story that has drifted into the past.

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The hurried crowd passing by just like a short kiss.

No matter how we want it, our lips still parted ways.

The lyric’s content is a love story that is neither complete. After several years, a boy and a girl met by chance in the street. When they look at their eyes, they remembered the taste of their kisses in the past. It was so close and yet so far away. They stood there and were just a few steps apart. However, they were not able to touch their faces or hold their hands. In the end, they passed each other like two strangers.

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Buoc Qua Nhau:

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I love his style. Every time I see him, he just looks like a polished man straight from a magazine. I can see why so many ladies fall head over heels for him! Love his voice too!


@douknowhat I was thinking the same thing. He is such a role model for his sense of style alone but his music is amazing!


He has such a warm and emotional voice.


I heard about this trending on there. I don’t make use of the app but I see people talking about it on other socials. It would not surprise me if this becomes one of those trend songs.