NewsVpop Siblings Draw Attention Due to Their Beauty

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Have you ever wondered whether beautiful Vpop singers have any siblings that are equally as gorgeous as they are? Here are some non-celebrity sisters and brothers who caught our eyes. Check them out below!

  1. Nguyen Viet Hoang – Son Tung M-TP’s younger brother

Nguyen Viet Hoang (was born in 2000) is Son Tung M-TP’s handsome younger brother. He was a student of Thai Binh High School for the Gifted and now is a freshman of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH). Hoang receives a lot of attention not only thanks to his attractive appearance and academic achievement, but also because of his singing and playing musical instrument abilities. He used to be on the stage and sang with his brother a few years ago and is considered as one of the hottest Vpop non-celebrity siblings on social network sites with more than 130,000 followers on his Facebook.

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Viet Hoang- Son Tung M-TP’s handsome younger brother (Credit:



Viet Hoang used to be on the stage and sang with his brother a few years ago (Credit:

  1. Maria and Rudya Yoo – Hari Won’s younger sisters

Hari Won’s younger sisters have shaken up social media with their beautiful appearance in their sister’s wedding. Maria (right) currently lives in Korea and the youngest Rudya Yoo (left), is living with her mother and older brother in Ho Chi Minh City. Rudya is a student at University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

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Maria (right) and Rudya Yoo (left) at her sister Hari Won’s wedding (Credit:

  1. Quang Ha – Duc Phuc’s younger brother
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Duc Phuc’s younger brother named Quang Ha, was born in 1999. He is still a student in Ha Noi. Ha seldom updates on his Facebook account, he sometimes posts some selfie photos with his friends. However, Quang Ha also shows off to fans with his good appearance.

Duc Phuc's younger brother

Quang Ha and some rare photos he posts on his Facebook (Credit: Quang Ha’s Facebook)

duc phuc's family photo  

Duc Phuc’s family photo (Credit: Facebook)

  1. Bao An – Bao Anh’s younger sister

Bao An was born in 2002. She has received many compliments not only for her bright smile like her sister Bao Anh but also for her 5’64 height. This seventeen- year old girl is studying abroad. The singer of the song “Trai Tim Em Cũng Biết Đau” reveals that her younger sister is interested in singing. Many fans believe that if Bao An decided to become a professional singer in the future, she would be successful like her sister.

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Bao An often partakes events with her sister

Bao An often partakes events with her sister (Credit:

  1. Huynh Mi and Huynh An – Tran Thanh’s younger sisters

A Vietnamese comedian, actor and MC Tran Thanh has two beautiful younger sisters, being inferior to none in Viet Showbiz. Huynh Mi (left) graduated from RMIT University. She got married and lives in Sai Gon. The youngest one Huynh An (right) used to be a student of Cinematography School. However, after that she decided to attend RMIT University like her older sister.

tran thanh sisters

Tran Thanh’s younger beautiful sisters (Credit:

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