Vietnam TravelDak Ya, Gia Lai: A Hidden Gem in the Mountains

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The Dak Ya, Gia Lai province is a mountainous region in central Vietnam. It is often called “the land without sorrow” because of its harsh conditions and sparse population. However, it also has picturesque views and plenty to offer for visitors who are willing to take on these challenges with an open mind. Let’s explore this hidden gem!

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  1. Tourism in Dak Ya
  2. Geography of the region
  3. History of the area
  4. People and culture of the Dak Ya, Gia Lai province
  5. What to see and do in Dak Ya
  6. How to get there
  7. Accommodation options
  8. Food and drink
  9. Safety concerns
  10. What’s the best time to visit?
  11. Conclusion

Tourism in Dak Ya

The Dak Ya province is a little-known gem in the mountains of central Vietnam. Despite its harsh conditions and sparse population, the region is home to some stunning scenery and interesting culture. There are plenty of things to see and do in the area, from hiking and biking through the forests and hills, to exploring the villages and meeting the friendly locals.

Geography of the region

The Dak Ya province is a hidden gem in central Vietnam’s mountainous region. The area is famed for its rugged, unspoiled landscapes and is often referred to as “the land without sorrow”. The province is divided into two main regions: the highlands and the valleys. The highlands are home to dense forests, towering mountains and rushing rivers, while the valleys are characterized by their fertile soil and gentle rolling hills.

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History of the area

The history of the Dak Ya province is closely tied to that of Vietnam itself. The region was first settled by the Vietnamese people, in around 2000 BC. The area has seen a number of different rulers over the centuries, including the Chinese, the French and finally, the Vietnamese. Today, the Dak Ya province is a largely rural area, with most of the population engaged in agriculture or animal husbandry.

People and culture of the Dak Ya, Gia Lai province

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photo: Quang Nguyen Vinh

The people and culture of the Dak Ya province are heavily influenced by its rugged landscape and harsh conditions. The locals are a hearty, independent people who have learned to make the most of their natural surroundings. The traditional dress of the region is colorful and vibrant, reflecting the cheerful nature of the people.

What to see and do in Dak Ya

There is no shortage of things to see and do in the Dak Ya province. Some of the highlights include:

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– Hiking and biking through the forests and hills

– Visiting local villages and meeting the friendly locals

– Exploring the region’s stunning scenery

– Swimming and rafting in the area’s many rivers and streams

How to get there

The Dak Ya province is located in central Vietnam, about 330 kilometers from the country’s capital, Hanoi. The easiest way to get there is by flying into Pleiku Airport, which is located in the Gia Lai province, just a short drive from Dak Ya. There are a number of domestic airlines that fly into Pleiku Airport, including Vietnam Airlines and VietJet Air.

Accommodation options

There are a number of accommodation options available in the Dak Ya province, including hotels, guesthouses and homestays. Most of the accommodation is located in the town of Dak Ya itself, or in the neighbouring town of Pleiku.

Food and drink

The cuisine of the Dak Ya province is heavily influenced by the region’s Vietnamese and Chinese heritage. The local food is hearty and flavorsome, and features a lot of rice, pork and vegetables. There are a number of restaurants and street stalls serving up local delicacies in Dak Ya and Pleiku.

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Safety concerns

The Dak Ya province is a largely rural area with few amenities and limited healthcare facilities. Some basic safety precautions should be taken when travelling in the region, including not leaving your belongings unguarded in busy areas, and being aware of potential scams or robberies.

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photo: HONG SON

What’s the best time to visit?

The best time to visit the Dak Ya province is during the dry season, from November to April. The weather is cooler and the landscapes are at their most beautiful. However, it is also possible to visit during the wet season (May to October), when the forests are green and the waterfalls are in full flow.


If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten path destination in Vietnam, be sure to add the Dak Ya province to your list. This stunning region is home to rolling hills, dense forests and rushing rivers, and is a popular spot for hiking and biking. The locals are friendly and welcoming, and the food is hearty and flavorsome. So if you’re looking for an adventure, be sure to put the Dak Ya province on your itinerary!

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A friend of mine went here in 2019 and LOVED it. She wants to go back so we are talking about making plans for 2023. I am not sure which month yet. We want to make sure the weather is perfect when we go. 


Places like this are truly hidden gems and I think people who overlook are missing out! I never been here before but I would love to go. Just to enjoy the weather and scenery. 


I have not heard much about this area but after reading this, I am going to have to look up some pics and see if there is anything trending on Instagram. I love places like this, looking like something right out of a painting. 


I love this post! I’ve actually been to Dak Ya Gia Lai and it is a magical place. The people are so nice, the food is delicious, and the scenery is breathtaking. It’s definitely a hidden gem in the mountains!

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