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MusicBinh Gold – a Veteran Rapper in Vietnam’s Rap Scene Makes Fans Excited With “Lai May Bay”

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Vũ Xuân Bình, also known as Bình Gold, is a tattoo artist and rapper from the North of Vietnam. Bình Gold is the junior of rapper Lil Shady.

He is noticed when there are disses targeting prominent rappers in the South such as B Ray, Pjpo and Sol’Bass.

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lai may bay binh gold vpop

source: Binh Gold’s Facebook page

In 2018, he was released by his senior rapper Lil Shady in the music video of the song “Bốc Bát Họ” on Lil Shady’s YouTube channel.

lai may bay binh gold vietnamese rap

source: Binh Gold’s Facebook page

The MV “Lái Máy Bay” causing an extremely vibrant atmosphere. With the usual style in his MVs, hot girls are indispensable with a very unique playful lifestyle.

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lai may bay binh gold vietnam rapper

source: Binh Gold’s Facebook page

Bình Gold brings this latest music with the familiar mumble style, accompanied by a full of metaphorical criticism of throbbing social situations.

lai may bay binh gold vpop music

source: “Lái Máy Bay” MV

The song was enjoyed by the audience and enthusiastically received with more than 12 million views.

Lai May Bay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWk0RmIEAuw

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Songs really good, will have to check out his other music now, as I’ve never heard of his music before. 

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