MusicBinh Gold Releases Lyrics Video “Tron”

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After some drama happened with ViruSs – a well-known streamer since early 2021, Bình Gold is now back with his latest and debauched MV “Trơn”, officially released on February 12th.

Earlier, Bình Gold also sneaked out the song’s information in a post of him on Facebook. He also attached an artwork created by Gấu Đen in the post to announce the exact release time of his new song. The track “Trơn” was premiered on YouTube with a lyric version only. However, it drew lots of attention from netizens and promptly presented on numerous Vietnamese music charts.

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credit: Binh Gold’s Facebook

After a dozen of massive hits which stir up the whole Vietnamese music race such as “Lái Máy Bay” and “Ông Bà Già Tao Lo Hết”, Bình Gold was known as a rapper with a weird, rebellious type of music vibe. Most of his songs are full of a sarcastic and unbridled tone.

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binh gold tron rap viet

credit: “Trơn” MV

In general, “Trơn” is a highly entertaining, relaxing song to play at any celebration party. It is expected to be the next hit in the current music market. The beat background music produced by Fewtile was instrumented and combined reasonably. There is a remarkable transition between the verse to make the song more engaging.

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binh gold tron rap viet

credit: “Trơn” MV

Also, the melody and part vocals were staged meticulously by auto-tune, showing the scrupulosity in production and studio techniques.


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A song with bold lyrics .😣😣


The thumbnail scares me 😆 anyway the song is good to become one of my favorite songs.


The song some cool vibes 💯. Imagine if the video comes out soon. It’s gonna be so sick. 


When’s the real MV gonna be released? Any idea. 


@walikirito idk but like it’s been 2 months since the song came out, so I’m guessing either it’s coming out soon or maybe it’s a no show for the video. 


@jaden_66 like if the Video isn’t coming out then that’s a very big bummer. 


Tron is worth being a part of my favorites in my playlist. 


This is pretty sick song. Lovin’ it . 

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