MusicDebut Song: “Thich Em Hoi Nhieu” of Wren Evans Break Records in Partnership With Tinder

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“Thích Em Hơi Nhiều” is the very first solo MV of Wren Evans, telling the love story of generation Z in the modern age.

Wren Evans is well-known for songs that are written in English and contain a contemporary touch.

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However, Wren Evans stepped out of his comfort zone by writing the song “Thích Em Hơi Nhiều” in Vietnamese, which is considered a big move forward in his singing career.

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wren evans thich em hoi nhieu

credit: “Thích Em Hơi Nhiều” MV

Additionally, Wren Evans also shared that “I want to access a larger pool of audience, so “Thích Em Hơi Nhiều” is written in simple words and ear-catching melody”.

thich em hoi nhieu wren evans mv

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credit: “Thích Em Hơi Nhiều” MV

Besides, “Thích Em Hơi Nhiều” is a collaboration of Wren Evens and one of the most popular dating apps in Vietnam – Tinder, in an attempt to spread a positive love message in this day and age.

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wren evans thich em hoi nhieu mv

credit: “Thích Em Hơi Nhiều” MV

Classical music is Wren Evans’s music preference, therefore, it has been a great inspiration to his latest single “Thích Em Hơi Nhiều”, which belongs to the Bossa-Pop genre. With all his musical talents and subtleness, Wren Evans impeccably features such a selective-listener kind of music – Bossa Nova back in today’s music industry.

thich em hoi nhieu music video

credit: “Thích Em Hơi Nhiều” MV

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There is the presence of rapper Hieu Thu Hai, Nam (a stand-up comedian), Nicky ST.319 and rapper Daisy in the MV, which make it invigorating to the audience. It seems that “Thich Em Hơi Nhiều” is a milestone in Wren Evans’s singing path, which help him get recognized more in the Vietnamese music market.

Thich Em Hoi Nhieu:

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I heard this song once a friend and i haunted it🤔


I guess the people who sit round the circle is the symbol of Tinder app, isn’t it?


@arian how’s that?


Everything about his music is amazing 🤩


And that’s a great debut song to start your career with. I can tell this kid is going to go places.