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MusicHa Anh Tuan Gifts Fans a Song Composed by Nguyen Minh Cuong “Thang May Em Nho Anh”

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Hà Anh Tuấn officially introduced his latest MV named “Tháng Mấy Em Nhớ Anh”. The song is considered compensation for his beloved audience who missed his latest Veston concert in Đà Lạt city.

The MV was released two days before the music concert took place. Hà Anh Tuấn’s “Tháng Mấy Em Nhớ Anh” is a ballad song exclusively written by Nguyễn Minh Cường – one of the current hitmakers in the Vietnamese music industry.

thang may em nho anh ha anh tuan mv

credit: “Tháng Mấy Em Nhớ Anh” MV

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“Tháng Mấy Em Nhớ Anh” is a love song impeccably performed by Hà Anh Tuấn’s charming voice. The MV depicts the unbearable longing of people who are deeply in love. Their reminiscence also changes as the lyrics goes “Tháng giêng chờ đợi, Tháng hai ngu ngơ, Tháng ba chơ vớ, Tháng tư về một lần xa,..”

thang may em nho anh ha anh tuan vpop

credit: “Tháng Mấy Em Nhớ Anh” MV

To the visual of the MV, Hà Anh Tuấn featured his MV by modern dance. The dance was performed by a professional dancer who perfectly expresses the song’s spirit in every bit of his move. Besides, the breathtaking natural scenery seems to be both artistically and aurally satisfying to Hà Anh Tuấn’s fandom.

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The song reminds about Hà Anh Tuấn’s massive hit “Tháng Tư Là Lời Nối Dối Của Em” because the MV “Tháng Mấy Em Nhớ Anh”’s premiere day coincided with the release of “Tháng Tư Là lời Nói Dối Của Em”, which was also launched on April Fool’s Day in 2016.

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“Tháng Tư Là Lời Nói Dối Của Em” is considered the most staggeringly successful single of Hà Anh Tuấn’s singing career. By now, the MV has garnered more than 120M views on his YouTube channel. It was also covered by many Vietnamese vocalists as well as remembered by the majority of Vietnamese music lovers.

Thang May Em Nho Anh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxFmeBhoA1Y

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