MusicHuong Ly Releases Official Soundtrack “Yeu La The U” for the Movie ‘Huong Duong Nguoc Nang’

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After the massive hit “Chắp Vá”, Hương Ly continued to humbly display her music strength through another new official soundtrack of the movie Hướng Dương Ngược Nắng named “Yêu Là Thế Ư”.

When the song was first unveiled, it was well-received by the majority of people in general, and the followers of the movie Hướng Dương Ngược Nắng in particular.

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yeu la the u huong ly vpop

credit: “Yêu Là Thế Ư” MV

It is said that “Yêu Là Thế Ư” could effortlessly win over people’s hearts by having such an intimate, pleasant, and harmonious melody.

huong ly yeu la the u vpop music video

credit: “Yêu Là Thế Ư” MV

The song is considered a narrative containing deep, tormenting confessions of the film’s characters. Specifically, it addressed the love of Châu and Kiên, the two characters who are most expected to be together and have a happy ending.

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huong ly yeu la the u mv

credit: “Yêu Là Thế Ư” MV

“Yêu Là Thế Ư” was created because of the need of the movie too. Intensify the emotions of the audience when watching the scene of Châu almost throwing a pair of shoes given by Kiên. After that, Châu reminisces about the unforgettable memories, when Kiên asked for her hand, and she accepted that.

yeu la the u huong ly

credit: “Yêu Là Thế Ư” MV

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The song was written by Tiến Minh, performed by Hương Ly, and exclusively launched on NCT – NhacCuaTui. According to Tuổi Trẻ online, Hương Ly once shared that the reason why she chose NhacCuaTui is that that is the best prestigious music contributor in Vietnam.

Yeu La The U:

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That’s a good song but it’s quite sad. TT
I like the first part of this song the most. 💯


I liked it 💯


This is an impressive song I would say. 


I loved the song when they played it in Hướng Dương Ngược Nắng.  It just made that scene phenomenal. 

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